Congressman Ted Lieu Teams Up With Playboy To Attack President Trump Using Fake News

We are in the middle of the government shutdown and the government is not running at full capacity. There have been disputes going back and forth between the White House in the mainstream media and which lies at been circulated to make up fake news stories based off of what would be considered standard operating procedures.

Yesterday, Playboy reporter Brian Karem claims that President Donald Trump was not in the oval office because there was no marine posted outside the West Wing. Now on a normal day, there would be a Marine posted outside the West Wing as it is tradition to have a Marine Corps service member outside on guard.

While the Department of Defense is still funded not all staff members that are civilians are working in the White House and part of that is working for the White House military office.

The controversy comes after President Donald Trump hard work and the Oval Office.

Karem knew that when he made the statements he was lying in order to take a jab at the president because the White House and the White House press office had been sharing statements from the president and bill signings to members of the media.