The bus didnt turn up

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
The bus didnt turn up

It was a cold morning while waiting at the bus stop for the bus to college. Today was an unusually quite morning as there were only 4 people there waiting. One of them was a young lad called Tom, 6 foot tall, short brown hair with an /athletic/">athletic build; he was quite a looker, although being quite modest. Another was a young girl named Erin, short, around 5 foot 5 at the most with short blonde hair and a slim build, /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts though. Both being 18. At this point the bus was 15 minutes late and everybody was getting curious where the bus was and the other 2 at the bus stop decided to walk home. Tom and Erin started talking about the old times, as they had been in the same school all their lives and now went to the same college. Another 5 minutes had passed and the 2 decided to walk home.

On the way home Erin realised that she had forgotten her house key, and being the gent that he was Tom offered her to come round his house until her parents came home. On the walk home Tom couldn’t take his eyes off her small but perky bum as her thong was showing over her jeans. As they entered the house Erin walked into the lounge and made herself comfortable while Tom went to get a drink, he offered Erin a drink but she didn’t want one. They were both sat down next to each other watching TV when Erin came out with a random question, ’On the walk to here, what were you staring at?’ Tom panicked and didn’t know what to say when Erin added ’Was it this?’ As she said it she bent down, pinched her thong and tweaked it. Tom remained speechless as Erin sat on his lap with her legs parted and started to kiss him. Caught up in the romance Tom was squeezing her ass as if bokep sma pecah perawan it was a piece of meat while Erin moved her hands down his boxers and clinched onto his now rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

Erin took a second and pulled her hand from Tom’s trousers to take his belt off, it flicked on the floor and she continued to undo his jeans. Now his jeans were by his knees and Erin was still straddling him as she rubbed his cock up and down while still caught up in a hard kiss. By now Tom’s hands were roaming in her thong stroking her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy which was becoming quite wet. Erin stood up and stripped slowly to her thong and bra, her breasts looked firm and large waiting to jump out of the bra. While the strip show happened Tom was slowly rubbing his throbbing cock, then Erin dropped to her knees and carried on rubbing his 7’ member giving it a spit on the head to make it wet. After a few minutes of rubbing she slowly licked the shaft of his cock finally reaching the tip where she paid special attention. Erin took the whole cock in her mouth and started to deep throat. Tom was in heaven and already on the verge of cumming, so he exclaimed ’I’m gunna cum!’ He grabbed her head and started to fuck her face as if it was some sort of /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy, after a few seconds he felt his balls tense up and they released a hot gush of cum straight into her warm mouth that was still stiffly wrapped around the shaft. She got up, a mouth still full of cum and let her /tits/big-tits/">big tits swing loose as she released her bra and then spat the cum that was in her mouth over her tits and rubbed it in.

Tom’s cock was still recovering while Erin was bent over in front of him, her thong still barely covering her tight pussy, the dampness visible. Alex pulled her toward him letting her ass hit him in the face, Tom started licking the thong that was covering her pussy and sliding his fingers underneath to rub her hard clit. He slowly pulled her thong down revealing a pink fully shaved pussy and tight little /asshole/">asshole. He went straight in and rubbed his face straight into her pussy and asshole giving both equal tongue attention. Tom’s cock started to straighten again and Erin was playing with his balls. They got into a 69 position on the floor and Erin took his dick back in her mouth. The equal mouth attention lasted only minutes before Erin crawled up so her pussy was next to his hard prick. She started to tease his cock with her pussy, rubbing it over her pussy lips but not letting it enter her.

She slowly turned around so she was once again straddling him as she lowered her /ass/small-ass/">small ass onto his throbbing prick, the head eased into her soaking pink cunt. She let out a moan as the inches kept filling her up until it was all in; Erin started to slowly grind up and down as Tom was squeezing her little ass. Several minutes lasted until they both realised there was no protection, Erin said ’We’re gunna have to stop, old waman xxxgx I can’t have you /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-my-pussy/">cum in my pussy’ Tom felt quick to react as he slid his cock out of her tight pussy and fetched a condom out of his wallet. Erin did a cheeky smile as she took it out of his hand and started to suck his cock, which was wet from her soaking cunt. Tom found this a massive turn on as most other girls found this disgusting, but Erin licked it clean like a trooper. After several minutes of sucking Erin felt that she needed to be fucked again so she slowly rolled the condom over his prick and then bent down into a doggy position. Tom now in control is quick to ram all 7 inches into her waiting pussy as both let out a moan; he pumps her so hard which is only making her want more. She starts screaming ’I’m cumming don’t stop don’t stop!!!’ This just encouraged him to pump harder as he smashed her little cunt. After Erin came Tom felt a tweak on his cock as the condom snapped over his cock, Tom decided not to say anything as he was very close to his orgasm. He fucked harder and harder and let out a loud moan as he filled her tight pussy with hot cum.

She felt the warmness of the cum and asked Tom to pull out. He slowly pulled his cock from her fucked pussy, the cum covering his cock and seeping out of her hole, she exclaimed ’Oh my god the condom must of snapped! What can we do?’ Tom was quick into saying with a cheeky smile ’I’ll clean you up if you clean me up’ They jumped into a 69 position on the floor as Erin took his floppy cock in her mouth and pulled the remainder of the condom off. She licked his cum and pussy residue covered cock clean and seemed to like the taste as she swallowed every last bit of spit. Meanwhile Tom was sucking and fingering her pussy trying to get all the cum out that he could, once they were both ’clean’ they were stuck for ideas but horny again due to the cleaning session. They didn’t wanna fuck again encase Tom filled her with cum again as they were out of condoms.

An idea popped into Erin’s head as she looked at her still sticky tits and questioned ’Wanna fuck my tits?’ Erin lay on her back and Tom got into position, he spat on her tits to lube them up a bit and Erin added to the lube by spitting and rubbing her pussy juices all over them, Tom got into position and started to deep thrust her tits while tweaking on her nipples. Erin kept trying to catch his cock in her mouth after each thrust and was succeeding. After several minutes Erin was hornier than ever and wanted to get fucked again, so Tom hinted ’There is a hole I can cum in that won’t get you /pregnant/">pregnant?’ Erin raised her eyebrows at the proposal as she had never had /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex before but she was gagging for it so she agreed. Erin lay on her stomach and Tom parted her ass cheeks, seeing the tight hole he fingered it for a couple of seconds to loosen it up, she felt a burning sensation as he teased her virgin asshole.

Tom thought it was time and gave her a 1 minute fuck in her pussy to make his cock a bit wet, as he put his cock to the tip of her asshole Erin gritted her teeth and Tom pushed in slowly and after about 5 inches Erin let out a scream, Tom started to do slow strokes in her extremely tight asshole, Erin’s eyes were watering, but the pain started to ease off and the pleasure started to amount, with each thrust Erin came closer to her orgasm, Tom started to twist a nipple with one hand and finger her puffed pussy with the other, this drove Erin insane as she screamed with an orgasm, Tom felt her asshole tighten and wildly let loose on her virgin asshole pumping away getting ever closer to filling her up for the third time. Tom bucked as his balls tightened and his aching cock let another load of cum out into her asshole, he collapsed on top of her for a few seconds until regaining composure and they both went to clean up in the shower.

From then on the times the bus was even a second late, Erin would happen to forget her house key.