Liams Ravaging

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Liams Ravaging

Liam was one of the most desirable guys around and was considered the best fuck in town. Many liked him and poured their hearts into seducing him. He was 18 had blonde hair and a toned body, yet was also a little boyish and had a that drove the guys . Yes, Liam was hot and he certainly knew it.

He loved it that all over, men did everything they could to lead him to bed but it was very rare for him to go home with a guy. He had the reputation however, that once you did get him home, he was all yours. He was offered all kinds of "gifts" to try and get to know him. He got to the point where he could go out to a bar and not bring any money because he was guaranteed to have somebody buy him a drink when he sat down even though he was under aged - because he was on "special terms" with the barmen of the town.

One of these days, he decided he'd better go home with somebody because otherwise, people would give up on him. Well he ended up getting a really hot guy who had chatted him up and bought him drinks and did everything he could to warm up to him.

When they got to the guys home, he soon regretted it. As soon as they undressed, Liam realized that this guy had a and it wasn't even hard yet, just stuffed into his briefs. Liam knew that he had to fuck with xnxxv sunny leone video him anyways because if he didn't people wouldn't try so hard to get him because he would be viewed as a possible flake and not worth the investment - his reputation depended on this.

The guy was 27 years old, nine years older than him. He was really buff and had brown hair and bronze skin. He was a real hottie. When the guy got down and sucked Liam, even Liam was impressed by the way this guy handled his cock. Finally, it seemed about time to fuck, but first Liam handled the package and took it out of the briefs. It was still soft but Liam though his heart skipped a beat - the cock was unnaturally large.

Liam looked at it carefully, in its current soft state, it was six inches long and thick as Liam's own erect cock which wasn't so itself. He had balls nearly the size of tennis balls. He was uncut, totally smooth and delightful in general. He played with it for a minute and licked it a couple of times until it grew to its full size of twelve inches. It was massive and not only really long, but very thick, 3 inches in diameter.

So Liam was when he put himself into position on the bed and the man lubed himself. The man was obviously very pleased with himself, catching the hottest guy in town who was more or less obligated to suffer through an endless fuck.

Liam had always had a and it was small too, so when the monster cock was rested against his ass, it didn't look possible. The man knew this and had undergone the liberty of lubing up Liam's butt cheeks around the crack to guide the jet into the hangar.

Liam yelled out as the cock was pushed into his , it was barely making its way passed his small butt cheeks. Soon the cock was forcing open Liam's tight asshole, Liam felt as if he had broken his asshole ring as the monster pushed through, it felt almost as if it were splitting his pelvis and indeed, the cock was barely clearing it. Liam knew that we was surely bleeding but it was too late to do anything now. He just bit into the pillow as the cock pressed forward. The cock kept coming until it really could not go any further. Then the began.

Liam soon realized in horror that this guy wasn't a gentle fucker. The guy drew back and slammed what he could into Liam's small, . real forced anal against her will He continued this action repeatedly and soon Liam's screams died down to a sort of gasp and moan. Liam was thrown around with the force of the muscular man on top of him. Liam tried to separate himself from the pain, trying to push out of mind what was pushing into his ass. He knew that this might take a while, but it was as if the man was purposely taking forever to cum. They went on for an entire 10 - 15 minutes until the man released his load into Liam. He shot about 2 cups worth of semen into Liam and when he withdrew, the sight was incredible. Liam's , ravaged ass was stretched and gaping so wide that had it not been full of dripping cum, one might have seen all the way up his ass. Liam was gasping, the soothing his torn up ass.

Liam took a couple of weeks to recover from his ordeal, he could not sit comfortably for a couple of days and slept on his stomach. He had to fill it and rinse it out with warm water every day for healing. He felt ashamed that he had been so damaged by another mans cock and yet he craved seeing it again. He had to wait for a month until his ass became tight again and by then, he was in higher demand than ever when it was revealed why he was standing at the bar and not sitting.