Part II Roommates

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Part II Roommates

My roommate wastes not time letting the guy from 3B and I know exactly who is in charge of us both. She instructs him to get undressed. At first he seemed shy but then removed his jeans and tee shirt to reveal he was a boxer-brief man. My roommate giggles and tells me, "Well I guess we were both right on what he wore" which causes the guy in 3B to blush. 

My roommate instructs the him to come closer to her so she can inspect him and make sure that he'll be able to handle all that she has planned. He raises an eyebrow but complies nonetheless. She runs her fingernails down his chest lightly and stops just short of his waistband of his boxer-briefs. She grabs him by the back of the neck and pulls his head to her and kisses him hard and grabs his cock with her other hand. As she kisses him she works his cock so that it is rock hard. I must have made a noise because my roommate stopped their kiss and looked over at me. "Would you like a kiss? Ask me for one properly" 

Now I've never participated in something like this but I know that I'm expected to answer her as madam from all those stories I've read. "Yes madam, I would". My roommate laughs and comes over and kisses me, our tongues entangling almost immediately. She then instructs the guy from 3B to come over to the bed and sit down. My roommate unhandcuffs me and tells me to stand in front of him. I'm kind of self-conscious again because I now realize I'm the center of attention. I stand in front of him and my roommate comes up behind me and holds my tits in her hands. She starts tweaking my nipples in front of him! My body seems to have a mind of its own because I feel my nipples becoming harder than before and more sensitive. My head rolls back and I moan softly at first. My roommate starts nibbling on my neck and ear lobes and my moans become louder. 

She notices that free porn movies download the guy from 3B has now lost his boxer-briefs and is stroking himself slowly while watching us. My roommate bends me over quickly and smacks my /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard. I yelp in pain and she tells the guy in 3B to stop that right now because he was not given permission and that if he can't play nicely he won't be invited full hd xvideo download to participate in the fun. She then instructs me to go up to him and give him a nice kiss. I give him a soft peck on the lips and am rewarded with another quick smack on the ass. "I said a nice kiss, not a virginal kiss" 

I then kissed him again, slowly running my tongue across his lower lip and then slowly nibbling on his lower lip softly. He moans and my roommate comes behind me again and starts fondling my tits again. She continues to tweak my nipples until my body is quivering and I'm having a hard time paying attention to my assignment. 

My roommate instructs me to stand behind her and slowly take off her bra. I slowly take off her bra and start fondling her tits in return for the pleasure she gave me. I tweak her nipples and she moans. 

She instructs me to stop and gives my ass a hard smack again for not asking for permission first. She then instructs me to stand in front of her again. I do as I am instructed and she begins to kiss me again. Our lips come together and we begin to suck on each other's tongues and lower lips. She gently bites my lower lip and I moan. As I moan I feel her fingers gently come up my inner thigh and explore my pussy. "Hmmmm, someone is very wet" and sticks one long finger deep in my pussy, "and hot too." She then proceeds to back me up to the bed. 

The guy in 3B replaces her finger with his own and immediately his moans match my own. My roommate begins to play with my breasts again. She starts by flicking my nipples rapidly with her tongue until I moan even louder and proceed to shudder. My hips move on their own against the guy in 3B's hand, my pussy grabbing his finger as if it had a mind of its own. She then sucks my nipple into her mouth as she rolls the other between her fingertips. She asks the guy in 3B if he likes what he's feeling and he just nods. 

She then turns to offer the guy access to her pussy as well and he quickly sticks two fingers deep in her pussy. My roommate moans and I'm rewarded with her rubbing her body against mine. I decide to return the favor and flick her nipple rapidly with my tongue. She reaches between our bodies while I flick and suck on her nipple, and tweak the other between my fingers, and begins to rub my clit. I am moaning so hard that I lose concentration on sucking on her nipple. 

She asks me in my ear if I want to be fucked, when I only nod my head she laughs and bites my lower lip. She instructs the guy from 3B to fuck my pussy with his fingers until he thinks I am about to cum. She tells me not to cum until given permission. He begins to finger fuck us both and we both lock eyes. My roommate begins to moan and grabs me and kisses me hard and passionately. We're both close to cumming that my roommate stops him and tells him to remove his hands. 
She brings the hand that had been in my pussy up to her mouth and sucks on it and licks it clean. She smiles "Yummy, absolutely yummy." She brings his other hand to my lips and I begin to suck on his fingers slowly and deliberately while never losing her focus. She smiles at me and tells me that it's time for our little toy to have some enjoyment too. 

She pushes him down onto the bed and immediately sits on his chest. She props him up on some pillows so he can see fully what she is doing to herself. She begins to play with her own tits, tweaking the nipples and flicking them with her tongue. I kneel between his legs and start to slowly run my tongue across the head of his cock and down the crease. I then run my tongue under the ridge of the head of his cock and proceed to take only the head of it into my mouth. With one hand I begin to massage his balls, while stroking my roommate's ass. She begins to moan from her own playing and instructs me to join her on the bed. 

I join them on the bed but immediately start back to work sucking on his cock. She immediately slaps my ass which causes me to suck harder on the head of his cock. I find that sensitive spot on the underside of his cock where the head meets his shaft and play with it with my tongue, while doing that I reach over and slowly start playing with my roommate's pussy in front of him. I felt his cock jump in my mouth, and my pussy responded by getting wetter. My roommate smacks my ass softly and asks if he notices how wet my pussy is and if he likes it. He says he does and goes to touch it. She smacks his hand away and tells him that it's her's only to play with and that he can only watch. 

She begins by slowly /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking me while I suck his cock fully into my mouth and begin to work it quickly. My hand is also wrapped around his cock and is following the same motion as my mouth. As I work him harder and harder, I can feel his orgasm building. Not wanting him to cum yet I slow down and massage his balls. My roommate however is not so kind to me and finger fucks my pussy with an even faster speed that has me close to cumming all over her hand. She then stops and gives him permission to only feel how tight my pussy has gotten. 

I am slowly starting to suck on him again, and at the feeling of his two fingers working their way into my pussy causes me to gasp and suck hard on his cock. He moans, whether from my pussy or my mouth I didn't know, and my roommate used that opportunity to sit on his face. He proceeds to lick her pussy clean and leans forward and proceeds to finger my clit while he continues to finger fuck me. I suck on his cock faster and harder and as my roommate comes she works my clit even harder and he finger fucks me faster and harder. 

This was more than I could take and I pull him from my mouth and start moaning and saying "oh yes, please yes let me cum... oh fuck yeah...." I proceed to jerk him off and my roommate stops us both just short of our orgasms. She then instructs us to both stand up and she lays across the bed. Her nipples were rock hard, as were mine, and her pussy dripping wet. She instructs me to come and lay on top of her. I spread her legs and slowly rub our pussies against each other. I slowly begin to grind against her missionary style and then feel between our bodies and begin to play with her pussy. I stick two fingers in her and let my thumb play with her clit. 

The guy from 3B is standing there rubbing his cock as I play with her. She tells him not to cum and I stick into her pussy the vibrating dildo with the rabbit ears. I pump it in and out of her pussy as I suck on her titties. I can feel her orgasm building and she stops my hand. 

She instructs me to lay back against her and then grabs my tits in her hands. She begins to tweak my nipples and I moan and begin to use the dildo on myself. She then instructs the guy from 3B to remove the dildo from me and to replace it with his cock. He complies quickly and begins to fuck me while my roommate holds my titties. The force of his thrusts causes me to rub against her titties and her nipples get harder and she tweaks mine to make them harder also. I'm so close to cumming when my roommate tells him to stop. 

She demands that I be done doggie style with her underneath. I turn over and get on all fours and he begins to fuck me again but this time slowly as to build my orgasm again. I begin to suck on my roommate's lower lip and she moans. I feel her hands search for my tits again and I slowly dip my tongue into her mouth and coax her tongue into my mouth where I suck on it. She then tells him to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder which causes my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples to brush against her's. She then reaches wraps her legs around my waist so that our pussies are grinding as I get fucked from behind.

She smacks my ass and tells him to fuck me faster. He fucks me faster and harder, his thrusts coming so quick and deep it takes everything not to scream with pleasure. As I feel myself get ready to cum I moan "oh my god... oh yes... fuck me... god yes... fuck my pussy..." which is met with a moan from my roommate and her tweaking our nipples together. My orgasm hits and I suck on my roommate's neck and she cums also as the guy from 3B reaches between our bodies and plays with her clit and finger fucks her while he finishes fucking me. His own orgasm hit as her's did and we all collapse in a twisted pile of bodies. 

My roommate kisses me and says "That was fun. We ought to do this more often. Do come back and visit us, won't you?"