Cum gusher

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Cum gusher

I want to tell you about a time when I was a teenager in the Midwest. My friends and I used to take our motor bikes out to the woods up north and camp under the stars. We spent the weekend drinking and having fun as a group of men and /women/">women. On the first night most of us were drunk and having fun and one of us suggested we go skinny-dipping in the lake and most of us thought it was a great idea since it was warm and we were drunk. We all stripped in the camp except for a couple of women who were too shy to have fun.

We were having a lot of fun in the water there was a lot of touching and long feels while in the water. We decided to have a little fun playing chicken with the girls on the backs of the men and it was fun till one of the guy complained the girls should be in the opposite direction of the guys since he wanted desperately to get his going in his girlfriends pussy and I would not disagree. I didn?t have a /girlfriend/">girlfriend with me so I had to take one of the single girls that I hardly knew. I will say at first I didn?t try to indulge in her pussy I was trying to win but soon figured out all the couples were not interested in playing so I started sucking the pussy of the girl who was with her pussy in my face.

I have no idea how long we were gone but all the way back to camp I had a hard ?on. None of the guys were shy and most of the girls were into showing off there bodies so none of us were in a hurry to get dressed but teased the girls who were not willing to go skinny-dipping to at least show off there bodies since we were all without cloths and eventually they removed there cloths. We all took turns coming up with ideas to do during the evening and eventually we decided to play truth or dare. Everyone was doing truth because they were afraid to do a dare I figure so when it was my turn I said dare what do I have to loose. I was dared to put a blind fold on and kneel while a bunch of the women want around me and told me I was to eat each pussy for one minute. I thought I hit the proverbial jackpot more than one pussy to taste in one evening.

This went on for 6 minutes all the other guys kept time very closely since there girlfriends were there also. The dares the rest of the eavnng kept escalating xxx sex video download free com to the point that we had one girl taking three cocks at the same time. By the time we stopped the fire was low and we decided to take a rest for the night and the couples settled down together and the single people were settling down by them self?s and I was one of the guys who settled down by my self since we didn?t bring tents because we were on bikes we just had sleeping bags in the open air. I found it difficult to fall asleep with some of the couples having sex I sat up and watched for a while but got tired of just watching them I decided I might as well go out to the woods and take a piss and try to go back to bed. I went out about 10 or 20 yards and I saw a women?s figure out there so I figured I would check it out.

There was one of the girls who was to shy to enjoy in all the fun but was willing to be naked after a lot of convincing and she was playing with her self. She didn?t see or here me sneak up to take a peek at what she was doing but once she hit her orgasm I told her that she would have more fun if I were to lick and suck on her pussy and that her /climax/">climax would be better and she was at a loss for words being caught playing with her self. I didn?t wait for her to say a word I just walked in front of her and knelt down on the ground and placed my head to her breasts and my fingers into she dripping pussy I couldn?t believe how whet she was I swore it was dripping latterly. I was playing with her /tits/pussy-tits/pussy-and-tits/">pussy and tits for a while when she pushed me and I fell over backwards and was a little dumbfounded when she pushed me off was I not pleasing her.

While I was on my back the just stood up without saying a word and walked over to me and sat on my face. I was in heaven eating pussy is better than sleeping by my self and who know I might get a chance to fuck her yet. I have no idea on how long I was eating her but when she came in my mouth I was in for a /surprise/">surprise that I never expected. This girl came with squirts of liquid that was in a volume I had a hard time keeping up with. I did my best and didn?t stop licking and sucking that pussy and she just kept on grinding it into my face and riding my face like it was her personal toy to ride. When she Findlay came down from her orgasm?s she told me she was sorry for making my face so wet with her cum and that is why she was in the woods taking care of her self she didn?t want anyone to know that she came so hard it would look like the was peeing.

I told her that I didn?t mind since I enjoyed my self and when I told her that she just bent down ant took my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into her mouth and started sucking for all it was worth and I told he I was about to cum and she didn?t slow her pace and just kept on going till I had cum into her mouth like I never cum before. Once my climax subsided she just came up with a small amount of cum on her lips and chin and said how that was and all I could manage was a big smile and a low great. Then to my surprise she gave me a deep kiss and I could taste my own cum on her lips and tongues she was kissing me so deep and passionate the my cock started to come back to life.

Once my cock was at full attention I just pushed he down to the ground and shoved me rock hard cock into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy which I slid right into it and we fucked sexxxx video ful hd for a fairly long time since this is my second time and she started to cum and I couldn?t believe if /pussy/hard-pussy/">hard pussy just pushed my cock out as she came and he juices just squirted all over me and I rammed my cock back in and continued fucking when I was ready to cum I told her I was close to Cumming and she said she was to and when I came in her wet pussy I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock and I knew what was about to happen so I positioned my self so my cock would no get forced out of her pussy and held my ground and when she came her and my cum was squirting from her pussy all over both of us.

When we both recovered we decided it would be best to go the water and clean up before going back to the camp. I didn?t sleep by my self that night but was not allowed to do any sex things in front of the others except in the water where no one would know how much she came.