USAF Veteran and triple-amputee Brian Kolfage has already rallied 20,000 people in support of his battle against Tech Censorship.

War Veteran Brian Kolfage is on a mission to expose the danger that Facebook poses to the Constitution he gave three-limbs defending. He’s already rallied 20,000 and this week he’s taking his fight against Tech Censorship to Washington DC. Kolfage says that his fight started when he and his company, Military Grade Coffee, was targeted by Facebook for supporting Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his network of millions was instantly and permanently deleted.

“I’m going to fight this unamerican censorship in court,” Brian told the DC Chronicle in a recent interview. “I’m going to fight it in Congress and I’m going to keep exposing these Big Tech authoritarians using every bullhorn I can get my hand on.”

Kolfage has the media experience and network to make a political impact. His inspirational story has been profiled in media outlets across the globe. The DC Chronicle recommends this one from the Gary Sinise Foundation,

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“On September 11, 2004, during his second tour, his airbase in Balad, Iraq fell under rocket attack. Brian was thrown into the air, losing both of his legs and his right arm instantly.”

Initially, Facebook had been a critical part of Kolfage’s success story. “Early on Facebook was such a blessing for my family and for Military Grade Coffee,” Kolfage said. “I spent a total of nearly $500,000 with my business partner on Facebook to build this network that connected me with millions of incredible Americans and our company was growing as a result. We were shipping a great product to an expanding customer base and then I took a stand in support of Justice Kavanaugh. After which, Facebook deleted my entire network and stole my money.”

Kolfage operated a network of Facebook pages that used categorized content to build targeted networks. He sold coffee on pages that focused on veterans, conservatives, supporters of President Trump, and other target groups Kolfage personally identifies with. Kolfage was in the process of expanding when Facebook permanently deleted his network.

“I was communicating with Facebook to make sure that I stayed within their Terms of Service,” Kolfage said. “When they shut Military Grade Coffee down we had scheduled a training meeting to make sure we were compliant. I was planning to hire more veterans and now I’m just fighting to keep the company going.”

About 20,000 people have already put their name behind Kolfage’s fight against Facebook by signing his petition at and he’s promising to launch a multifront attack against the Social Media giant in a trip to Washington DC starting Monday.

“I’m going to meet with my lawyers to explore my legal options,” Kolfage told us. “I’m going to talk to members of Congress about making sure that our most basic rights are preserved and that our Free Speech isn’t arbitrarily controlled by some unaccountable nerds in San Francisco.”

Kolfage’s fight against Tech Censorship is already getting major political support.

For the Tech overlords, Kolfage represents the worst possible public face for their political opposition. His missing limbs and military service make it hard for people to explain why he’s being silenced. When Kolfage appears in the media with his military medals and without the arms and legs he sacrificed, the visual of Kolfage cuts through the usual political noise and makes an impact. Big Tech would clearly prefer more bombastic characters to justify their authoritarian censorship. People don’t sympathize with provocateurs like Alex Jones the way they do with Kolfage.

Kolfage’s recent television appearences include segments on Huckabee, Laura Ingraham, and Fox and Friends. “I’m available to talk to audiences big and small about this critical issue,” Kolfage said. “The response we’ve been getting from these appearances has been incredible.”

When asked if there was anything else he’d like to say to the DC Chronicle audience, he invited people to try Military Grade Coffee and asked them to sign the petition at “Tell them we’re going to win,” He finished.

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