BREAKING: Evidence Donna Brazile was in Washington, D.C. at time of Seth Rich’s death


Today former DNC chair Donna Brazile lashed out at yours truly on Twitter. Sunday night, America First Media Group released intelligence from one of our sources stating that Brazile, along with Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser were at the hospital relatively quickly to the time Seth Rich was brought in via ambulance.

Rich, the former Data Director of New Voter Registration for the DNC was gunned down at 4:19 AM according to CIC shot spotter at the intersection of Flagler Place NW and W Street NW.

Brazile today made claims via The Daily Dot (Linked Here), as did her attorneys that she was on the west coast when Rich was murdered. America First Media is now providing evidence that’s a false representation.

Strange, how how could Donna Brazile be in Seattle, oh that’s right she wasn’t in Seattle at the time of Seth Rich’s murder. Perhaps one should turn off their Geotagging when trying to deceive the American people Donna.

Then Ms. Brazile doubled down by attacking me on Twitter, she was so worked up she couldn’t even formulate thoughts.

Wait, did you just call my team Russian agents? Good Lord Donna, get a grip. We didn’t accuse you of anything, we just said you were at the Hospital the night Seth Rich arrived.

Thomas Paine of True Pundit ( also backed up America First Media’s claims citing that two Washington, D.C. Police officers backed up our evidence that she was in fact at the Hospital the night Seth Rich was murdered. You can read the full article HERE