CNN Network Accused Of Intimidating Paul Manafort Jury

CNN, after requesting the jurors’ home addresses and names in the Paul Manafort trial, came under fire and were accused of attempting to intimidate the jury which now sits in deliberation of Manafort’s fate.

On Thursday of last week, CNN sued for the release of names and home addresses of all the Manafort jurors, a totally unprecedented move.

Having sit in deliberations regarding Manafort’s charges for going on two days and resuming deliberations on Monday, CNN apparently became uneasy that Manafort could potentially be acquitted.

Manafort’s acquittal would be a severe blow to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s supposed Russian ties which would henceforth be a blow to the media’s attempt to delegitimize and oust President Trump from office.

Notably, this isn’t the first time CNN has attempted to doxx someone’s private information. Last July, CNN threatened to identify a Reddit user who created a GIF of Trump wrestling a man with CNN’s logo edited over his face.

In February, CNN literally showed up on the front lawn of an elderly woman’s home who allegedly shared pro-Trump memes that were created by Russian trolls. In their report, the woman’s home was clearly shown and her name was published.

The U.S. District Judge presiding over the Manafort case has even revealed he has been repeatedly threatened and placed under protection of U.S. Marshals.

On the motion to release juror information to the media, Judge T.S. Ellis III said:

I don’t feel right if I release their names… to grant the release would create a risk of harm to them… [Because of threats against me] The Marshals go where I go.

Because CNN sued for the jurors’ info before the verdict was even decided, it’s obvious that the network’s aim was to intimidate and frighten them – even without their names, the jurors are now aware of the target on their back and that CNN is attempting to hunt them down and identify them to the country.

CNN’s past and present actions prove them to be a big bully that will attempt to scare and intimidate others to keep their narratives alive – at any cost.