You Can Never Trust Your Children With The Great Wolf Lodge Staff Ever Again

Over the last few days, Mike Cernovich exposed Disney Director James Gunn as a pedophile. The former Disney Director joked about rape, sexual assault, and other sexual acts.

Now keep in mind this is someone that is hired by the Disney Corporation and ABC to create films that your children watch. He also worked with a number of children over the years.

Kyle Kashuv is the Director of High School Outreach at Turning Point USA and a contributor for the Daily Wire. He posted a tweet in which he called out the failed Disney Director by posting an article from Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Molly Prince.

After posting a man posted “Kyle, this is an awful take. Get help.” supporting the Director who called for “kids to touch him in his silly place.” Shortly after Great Wolf Lodge liked the post in support of the director.

Shortly after this happened Kyle called them out: