Trump to abolish the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum

In a move that may catch many off-guard Trump recently announced by tweet that he would be abolishing the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum. Which was a body of corporate powers within their respective industries brought together to advise the President on economic policy.

What prompted this move could have been the departure of roughly one-third of those involved began to boycott it. In the interest of not wasting time, in a true private sector fashion, President Trump scrapped the whole operation. Or perhaps he feared an immediate mass departure turning the council into a public embarrassment that would affect his political prestige.

The aftermath of this action could very well be that President Trump will further take economic matters into his own hands.

Through the use of economic incentives and threats of punishment, he may continue to pursue his lofty economic promises on his own. However, a question still remains of who President Trump will turn in the absence of this council. It seems that with this turn of events he may turn to his own personal advisors more and more into the future.