Christians Claim Victory Over Facebook Silencing


President Trump’s Prayer Team, a Facebook page made up of over 100,000 Christians dedicated to praying for the success of President Donald J. Trump and his administration, was banned and unpublished by the Facebook team on Monday, July 17th, 2017 for “violating elements of Facebook’s terms of service”. However, the reality of Facebook’s motive is clear– to silence Christian Conservatives

The prayer page was founded by Evangelist and social media personality, Joshua Feuerstein who made the following statement: 

The page was started in order for Christians to pray for the success of President Trump, not for political reasons, but for prayerful reasons. Facebook claims that the page violated their terms of service, I reached out to them to find out what the problem was, but their was no response. There is a clear prejudice against pages that are dedicated for the President. Facebook is spending time removing prayer pages rather than removing pages dedicated to sexual content and pages like CNN that produce Fake News

Once the page was blocked and unpublished by Facebook, Feuerstein responded by posting a video demanding that Facebook stop silencing Christians and Conservatives, which has been viewed more than 600,000 times.  In the video Feuerstein asked Christians and Conservatives to express their concerns to Facebook and to not stand on the sidelines while Liberal forces are attempting to silence them. Due to the outcry of hundreds of thousands of Christian Conservatives around the nation, on July 19th, two days after being banned and unpublished, President Trump’s Prayer page was officially un-banned and re-published to the social media platform.  Facebook’s attempt to silence Christian Conservatives for supporting President Trump and his administration failed, reigniting Evangelical support for the President.

Although Christian Conservatives can claim victory over Facebook’s attempt to silence them, it is just a small part of an even bigger attempt to discriminate and delegitimize Christian Conservatives in America. Liberal forces are constantly finding new ways to silence the loud voices of Christian Conservatives in our nation, from removing religious pages on social media, to removing “Merry Christmas” from coffee cups, to refusing public prayer in school. The voices of the Liberal forces are loud (due to the backing of the mainstream media), but the voices of Christian Conservatives in America are louder and stronger. This victory over Facebook is proof that Christian Conservative Americans will no longer stand idly by as our rights are stripped away by the forces of the left and media. The time for silencing Christians without consequences is over. It is time to stand firm on our beliefs, get down on our knees in prayer and fight back against the forces trying to silence us. Christian Conservatives will no longer take a backseat in the political process, our voices will be heard.