How Austin Petersen Will Change Politics

Austin Petersen is a former presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. During the 2016 primary he finished as the runner up to Gary Johnson. Austin has the hopes of winning the senate seat in Missouri in their 2018 election. There are many things about Petersen that make him stand out including:

His Experience:

Petersen has numerous experiences that make him qualified to serve in the United States Senate. As the Chief Executive Officer of Stonegait LLC he has business and leadership experience. At Stonegait, Petersen has gained the knowledge and experience in video and creative design production. As the founder and publisher of The Libertarian Republic Petersen has worked with media and news production. As the publisher he leads a team of 13 writers alongside the Editor-in-Chief. In the 2016 election, Petersen ran a steady fast campaign to be the Libertarian nominee for President of the United States. All of these experiences show leadership, management, great public speaking ability, and numerous other reasons why Austin Petersen should be your choice for the next Senator from Missouri.

His Open Mind:

Petersen believes in his strong conservative and libertarian values. He has publicly stated that he is pro-life, is opposed to the war on drugs, and that he believes in a free-market capitalist approach to the economy. Lastly is a strong supporter of the second amendment.

Previously Petersen was a member of the Libertarian Party and is now a member of the Republican Party. You can read his goodbye letter here. He is willing to keep an open mind and work for what is in the best interest of the people he is representing. Petersen is no stranger to working with someone to help them in the best possible way. People around him say that he is very approachable. 

His Supporters:

Petersen has a strong group behind him known as Freedom Ninja Army. This group consist of 12,000 people. Beyond his support team he has endorsements by NRA superstar Antonia Okafor and political consultant James Clark. What makes his group strong is that the belief in the Us Constitution and the fundamental principles that our country was founded on. 


Petersen is a fighter; He believes in the people, our country and that this country is truly great. See his Senate announcement below: