Trump’s Cabinet is the Nixon Administration

I don’t know about you, but this presidency is starting to look very reminiscent of the Nixon administration. When ex-FBI Director James Comey took the stand to give testimony on the Russian investigation, he ignited something that shook the nation to its core.

“Mr. Comey acknowledged that he orchestrated the leak that revealed his account of his conversation with Mr. Trump in which the president asked him to drop the investigation into the former national security adviser,” as mentioned on the NY Times.


Image result for james comey during trial
Ex-FBI Director James Comey during his testimony, courtesy of

If this doesn’t scream ‘I’m shook,’ then I don’t know what does. Trump is basically Nixon reincarnated.

He pressured people into keeping secrets for him and would fire anyone who disobeyed his dominance– hence, the weird timing of Comey’s firing. If anyone got to close to finding out whether or not Trump and Russia were involved in the 2016 election, Trump would stop them.

This incident is similar to Watergate. Archibald Cox was the lead investigator in the White House break in and when Cox asked for the tape recordings, he was fired by Nixon. This led to other officials in the Justice Department to resign as well.

Comey essentially did the same thing. He had the courage to reveal private information no matter what it cost him. He knew that the private meeting between Trump and him was deeper than some surface level interaction. There was pressure and urgency behind Trump’s rhetoric and Comey knew he had to let someone know.

James Comey reminds me of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Maybe he did not investigate to the extent that they did, but he had the strength to leak information that would lead to an internal investigation on the Commander-in-Chief. And lordy, did it work.

“His abuse of presidential power had a long-lasting effect on American political life, creating an atmosphere of cynicism and distrust,” according to

As I read this quote, I couldn’t help but think about how relevant these words are to today’s society. Trump pressured  Comey hiding truths and passed so many executive orders in order to get his agenda moving. When these reports came out about our President and what he has done, the trust that we hoped to have in America has been challenged.

It’s funny how we are bred to be educated on the world and our country within our lifetime; to be conscious of what was and learn from those mistakes so they will not be committed again. In this instance, however, we refused to listen to what has already been written and we found ourselves trying to right a wrong that should’ve been avoided altogether. Will we ever learn? Time can only tell.