BREAKING: 5 Shot, Two in critical condition after shooter attacks Republican members of Congress.

Congressman Steve Scalise the House Majority Whip called his wife and spoke to her shortly before going into surgery. After a shooting at a baseball game in Alexandria Virginia left Scalise and others shot and wounded. At least 50-100 shots were fired in the engagement and the suspect was noted to have been using most likely a semi automatic rifle.

The condition and appearance of the suspect is 66-year-old named James T Hodgkinson. Though he did not escape the firefight which began when he first opened fire from the third base dugout. Scalise was hit in the hip at second base and dragged himself 15 yards away as two of his secruity detail fought and were wounded, one shot in the chest. One police officer fought after being shot through the leg for a matter of mins as well.

Soon after which Rep. Brad Wenstrup and Sen. Jeff Flake ran up to Scalise and applied pressure to the wound.

Hodgkinson was said to have asked if there was Republican or Democrats playing before the game.

Senator Rand Paul commented: “Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police. It would have been a massacre without them.”

The Police Chief Mike Brown Update:

“The facts as we have it…We recieved a 9/11 call of an active shooter and our units responded and were on scene in three mins. They recieved fire from the suspect and returned fire. “

FBI has stepped into the investigation.


The reported shooter Hodgkinson on social media was a Sanders Supporter and on March 22 posted “Trump is a Traitor. Trump has destroyed our Democracy. It’s time to Destory Trump & Co.”