Video: Dr. Jordan Peterson spars with politicians on Bill C-16 in Canada

Dr. Jordan Peterson has been making waves and continues to do so in his opposition to Bill C-16 in Canada which is being criticized as trampling free speech by using the threat of force to compel people to use pronouns tied to gender expression and identity. In the intellectual battle within academia, he began as a one-man army when he first refused to use pronouns(such as “zie” and “zher”) that he opposed for a number of reasons both linguistically, philosophically and psychologically. The backlash being loud protests with air horns, pressure against the university and even the loss of research grants.

In response to this over the course of perhaps less than a year, he went from obscurity to fame gaining hundreds of thousands of personal followers and a wide spectrum of supporters. Which has lead to him from speaking to students to speaking to the higher authorities of the Canadian legislatures. The debates rage on across the west about these issues and Peterson has become somewhat of a personification of intellectual opposition in academia to legislation along the lines of Bill C-16.

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