The Wall Street Journal and Mainstream Media’s Manic Behavior

 We live in both an age of information and disinformation. As we shift through the ever changing sands of public opinion we find the merging of information and entertainment has manifested itself in a form of perverse propaganda. In which, our subconscious biases are appealed to while our mind is molded into a calloused consumer. Early on I’ve noted to the rise of this mania on the internet.

A recent egregious example of this was when the Wall Street Journal published two completely different headlines on the same day, in different areas to seemingly manipulate voters.  Such a blatant violation of ethics should not go unnoticed. 

Why has this taken place?

Perhaps it always has to a certain extent but there was once a time when you could trust a paper when it adhered to standards before agendas. Mark Twain noticed this trend early on in the following quote:

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed”

These days many are either uninformed or misinformed without wishing to be. So what has occurred can be explained with the simple principles of economics of Supply and Demand.  They demanded unadulterated truth and got a tainted version of it under a thin veil of aggressive agendas. Serious matters are commonly taken jokingly while jokes are taken seriously enough to make headlines.

The well was poisoned so many stopped drinking…

Three ways the solution starts with you:

The solution, however, is not in the media supplier but in the consumer. It is up to readers to first, not be headline readers. Second, to take what they read with a grain of salt and take the time to research and apply deductive reasoning. In such a way that even if they don’t find out what is right, they can at the very least discern what is wrong. Third, don’t be fooled by what you want to hear or in better terms what they want you to hear. It cannot be known if both mainstream and some alternative media do this purposefully or accidentally but it occurs nonetheless when you have two narratives that project opposite meanings. Truth is not a point of view, that is known as an opinion.

The Appeal To Authority

Over time we grew too trusting and so did they of themselves. They became puffed up with an Aura of Authority and like all those who gain a little authority, it began to be abused. For when you sell your soul for profit and power then no lie or libel becomes unfathomable. The ultimate case of this is the appeal to anonymous authority where they are asking you to trust them to tell you the truth without a verified source.  The mainstream mania has one goal which is control and power over all.

Only the people can refuse to be puppets of propaganda and cast off the chains which drag them toward the precipice.