BREAKING: Man drives through time square; 1 dead, dozens injured

At around noon a 26 year old man drove against the flow of traffic and through a crowd in NYC. Police have cleared the square and they have removed a box from the vehicle which is a Honda Accord. The car itself is said to have possibly burst into flames soon after crashing.

So far the numbered of injured is at 13. While one person is confirmed dead. The 26-year-old man from the Bronx in custody is said to have had two previous DUIs and his name is not yet released. Lastly, the entire area has been cleared and secured.

It is rumored he may have been involved in an armed robbery and possibly drunk.

Further updates to come.


The 26-year-olds name is Vet Richard Rojas. 23 are confirmed to be hurt and it has been declared to not be an act of terrorism by the NYPD.