Jacob Martinez: Volunteer to Visionary

What began as an idea became a reality.

Jacob Martinez & Cruz Campaign

Arizona State Director, Teens for Ted

During the tumultuous primary campaign of Senator Cruz for the Republican Presidential Nomination, both Jacob and I began with an idea, and he turned it into a reality. I remember the day well. The Cruz campaign was drawing to a close and he gave me a call. We spoke for a few hours in which he laid out his plan of starting an organization centered around engaging and educating politically active youth in his home state. I respectfully declined the offer to jump on board at that time. Since then it has spread across the country and continues even today in its pure pursuits.

We share many things in common and are both of the same upcoming generation. Teens For Ted utilized both of us as State Directors during the campaign. We both personally met Senator Cruz and promoted his message and candidacy with great vigor.  As we fought for a candidate’s vision for America’s future we began to envision our own. In the end, we both fight for the cause of truth without regard to the so-called left or right.

#Left And Right Unite

Perhaps not widely known is that I worked with him in founding the news media site In Detail which has become In Detail Digest. The idea was a powerful one there as well. An idea which was that the war of information is not as one sided as mere partisan politics.

A New Nation

Now after these many elections there are signs of a sweeping change coming across the political spectrum of the west. It seems undeniable that the world is waiting for great changes unlike those never before seen for many decades or even a century. We all play a small or large part in this transformation for better or worse.  


Founding Arizona Youth in Politics (Modern Day American Youth in Politics)

 In October 2015, Jacob Martinez, frustrated with the lack of a non-partisan organization devoted to educating young people on political issues and providing them with opportunities to get involved, founded Arizona Youth in Politics. By January 2016, Jacob reached over fifty members and had expanded to two other states leading him to develop American Youth in Politics. American Youth in Politics grew rapidly becoming an online community for politically interested and engaged high school students in sharing ideas, discussing candidates, and discover methods to engage other young people. In January 2017, American Youth in Politics launched its own online publication, In-Detail Digest, to provide students with a platform to share their opinions, obtain published status, and gain writing experience. In 2017, American Youth in Politics will continue its mission by working to provide internship and volunteer opportunities to students on the local, state, and national level with a diverse group of organization and causes. 


When asked about his leadership Martinez responded: 

Teens for Ted:

“I served as the Arizona state director of teens for Ted, and then briefly as the New Mexico State director. Here I was in charge of establishing chapters throughout the state, which would encourage their parents and other people in their communities to support Senator Cruz.”

American Youth in Politics:

I started Arizona youth in politics in October of 2015, with the intention of getting young people across my state knowledgeable and engaged with political transpiring. Then, when students across the country expressed interested in having something like AYIP in their state, we rebranded as American Youth In Politics.”

When asked Martinez’s support for Senate Candidate Kelli Ward she had this to say: 

“Jacob is an inspirational young man who understands the importance of being engaged in the political process. He isn’t in this for himself, he is in it for our future.” – Dr. Kelli Ward, DO, United States Senate Candidate from Arizona

As we continue to start the conversations that matter and educate the public opinion of our generation. I hope we will be able to influence this new nation to manifest itself in a freer future.