Rule Of The Indigent – Aristocracy VS Democracy

Some would be offended by, or even denounce, my historical views of the present circumstances concerning government. But I grant credit to the phrase that some things don’t really change. Study history enough and you begin to see repeating patterns delegated in part by human nature; politics being the most repetitive.

Today’s obvious disconnect between Public ‘Servants’ and those they claim to serve seems to grow ever increasingly as people have shifted to an awareness that comes as a consequence of living in an age of information. Though, I would also say it is likewise an age of misinformation. What one must see is that the seeds of tyranny grow in many parts of our system; not only within the system itself, but also within certain groups of individuals. When the mob itself becomes more tyrannical, I assure you those in power will be overjoyed to exploit such circumstances.

To paraphrase in the words of Aristotle: “Democracy is rule by the indigent.” Thus is both the greatest strength and danger of the Democracy we have become.

I will echo that we are a Constitutional Republic, that is what we were founded on. Not on mobocracy–or what I like to refer to as ‘Democratic Executive Authoritarian Despotism’. Being the biggest threat we face today, as a nation. Ever since the indigent realized they could vote themselves access to the earnings of others, the end of our Constitutional Republic began. What is frightening is that plenty of people do not seem to comprehend the notion that nothing is free; everything comes at the expense of another. We have got to tear down their ideological walls because this is reality!

The Government Cannot Make Anything Affordable

First and foremost, there is a certain delusion that stretches back centuries: if someone else is paying for it, that the product or service must be free. Taken a step further, the claim is that government can make anything more ‘affordable’. However, in reality, they can do no such thing. Everything government subsidizes goes up in true cost, every service becomes more costly and quality lowers in accordance to mismanagement of resources by bureaucracy.

The state cannot defy the laws of economics. They can only ignore them for a time.

However, it cannot be ignored when, for example, a government creates artificial scarcity in even the most resource-rich of nations. The consequence of this is felt in shortages…

Reaction Based Right Wing Media

The right-wing media these days is more focused on reacting than attacking. They will react to any encroachment from the left while the progressive far left is always pushing the boundaries to see how far they can take their ideology first in government and second in civil society.

However, it requires the first, since their ideas require force. If this were not the case, then they would not lobby government for their enactment. It is a sign of a failure of their ideology in the marketplace of ideas. In the free market, ideas must compete for voluntary implementation. If it is purely a matter of resources not being there, lobbying for government intervention to get the resources is nothing but thinly-veiled redistributionism. This requires an attempt to achieve a goal by force that failed in practice due to public rejection or design flaw.

The many incumbents that stay in office for decades on end have erected a system of Crony Capitalistic Corporatism spreading the span of both major parties. Culminating into a threat of Oligarchy rule.

It seems doubtful that either oligarchy would really wish to help the people. Maybe there is two groups of elites fighting for their personal gain and interest. Or perhaps there’s just one and a choice of red or blue is simply a ruse to keep that stagnate system stable. Just because we hate one side doesn’t make the other any better.

Once I had a perspective changing conversation at a political rally. Awaiting the speaker I had a long conversation with a older gentlemen who also was a politically well-connected man.  I asked him and partially myself  out loud  “How can they not know what they are doing is insane?”

He responded, “Oh they do, they just don’t care.”

Upon hearing that I simply stared forward…

I realized that those in positions of power commonly do things that they convince themselves will work. Furthermore, when it doesn’t, they ignore reality, and go on as if they succeeded.

The delusions are furthered by subjective stats.

What System Do We Have Now?

I would refer to it as a:


Or a ‘Dead’ System for short. It is without clarity. Which leads into insanity if not treated swiftly. Congress refuses time and time again to exercise their checks and balances, seemingly giving up the power of the purse if you paid attention to how Obama got every single item he requested funded by the majority of Democrats and Republicans. The courts have become corrupted by Judicial Activism, Judges are appointed based on partisan loyalty and ideology rather than any real intent to uphold the constitution.

If we were to compare our system to that of the political phases of Rome. We would be in the period of the principate. Which was in between the time of the Republic and the Dominate period of Roman history. That subject will be more fully covered in another article soon to come.

What has occurred so often is power becomes concentrated from the many to the few, to the one. However, sometimes in Democracy, it jumps quickly to the one, in an attempt by the many to overthrow the few. This could be rightly called a dictatorial democracy.

Now in response, there have been calls for an Article V Convention of the States.

I for one would highly support this idea and hope that it does not get too out of hand. Term limits and a balanced budget amendment would go a long way in dealing with many issues that have grown like cancer in our beautiful system. Furthermore, I have personally constructed a list of reforms, which will be released incrementally in the future.