Samantha Bee Mocks Brain Cancer Patient for “Nazi” Haircut

As we know, generalization is a common theme in politics. One generalization in particular surrounding this year’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), sparked enormous controversy among Republicans and Democrats alike. Samantha Bee, a political comedian, mocked 21-year-old cancer patient, Kyle Coddington, for having (what she claimed) a hair cut resembling that of a Nazi. Samantha Bee is the host of her TBS comedy show, Full Frontal. This video, posted on Full Frontal, shows Coddington being mocked for having a “Nazi” haircut. Outset managed to get a copy of the video before it was taken down. Coddington is also a contributor for Outset. Unbeknownst to Bee, Coddington was diagnosed in December 2016 with Stage 4 Glioblastoma, a rare form of aggressive brain cancer. After going through his first round of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Kyle began to lose his hair.  He kept his remaining hair trimmed and styled in a professional way, as best he could. And as if cancer isn’t challenging enough, now an uncensored “Leftist” mocked him? Are we even surprised? After being notified of Coddington’s condition, Samantha Bee [sort of] apologized for the drastic and desperate attempt to make fun of the Conservative movement. She also contributed $1,000 to Coddington’s GoFundMe (to which he thanked Full Frontal for donating).  Coddington was speculative, though, stating that the remark from Bee was only a “half-apology” at best… “The effects of the comments made on Full Frontal go further than my battle with a serious illness. Everyone in that video was targeted unjustly and profiled without facts or proof of the accusations made. The fact is that I have been hesitant of supporting Donald Trump from Day 1, and was openly ‘Never Trump’ throughout the entirety of the 2016 election cycle. Another fact is that I am a registered Democrat. These are facts to disprove the narrative trying to be pushed by Samantha Bee’s segment, and these are facts that make me who I am. I am not ashamed of my beliefs, and I am not ashamed of my illness. I am proud of who I am, and will continue to fight my battles,” he says.

Coddington makes it clear that though Samantha Bee apologized for unknowingly making fun of a cancer patient, she did not apologize for mocking other CPAC attendees. Not to mention, throwing the term “Nazi” around as if it has zero meaning is actually quite offensive to those who suffered under the Nazi Regime. 

This is not something that we as a society should accept, regardless of which political party you identify with. When you lack basic respect and human decency for others, nothing productive is accomplished. To make great progress, we need great attitudes. And that is something of which Kyle Coddington can remind us all.

You can donate to help Kyle fight his battle with cancer here. We at The Narrative Times wish you all the best, Kyle. Keep your spirits high and fight the good fight. We are all thinking of you, always.