Lauren Southern Goes Independent

Lauren Southern recently announced her split from the Canadian-based conservative news outlet, The Rebel Media. Few details were given as to why she left. However, she did mention in a recent video published on her personal YouTube channel that her goal is to be completely unfiltered with her content, and that she wishes The Rebel the best of luck with their future endeavors.

Lauren is an author, content creator, and right-wing activist who is known for her coverage and commentary on various topics like immigration, feminism, and freedom of speech. She has contributed to various media outlets such as the The Libertarian Republic, BBC Radio, CBC Radio, and Sky News. She even recently made an appearance on The Rubin Report to discuss all the violent left-wing protests that have made their way into the mainstream, her upbring and father’s influence on her involvement in politics, as well as the Milo Yiannopoulos scandal which made headlines not long ago.

Her debut with the Rebel goes back to 2015 when discussing a photo of her holding up a sign which read “I don’t need feminism because I believe in equality–not entitlements and supremacy” that went viral a few years earlier, as well as refuting many of the claims often made by 3rd wave feminists.

In December of 2015, Southern published a book entitled Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation. In this book, she makes some rather bold statements such as the following:

“The experiment of multiculturalism was thought up in the minds of tenured intellectuals, put on paper by virtue signaling politicians, and then enjoyed by big business globalists.”

Lauren Southern has been a powerful and controversial voice in the room against what the left has become, as well as an advocate for conservative and libertarian values, since her arrival on the political scene. Going independent isn’t ever easy, but being as successful as she has been at only twenty-one years of age is surely a testament to her abilities and work ethic.