Interview: Young 3rd Party Candidate Pursuing Phoenix Mayorship

In Phoenix, Arizona, a young man by the name of William Pounds has declared he will run for office against the incumbent Democratic Mayor. At only 18 years old, Pounds will have quite a task ahead of him to even gain ballot access, which would be an accomplishment in itself for a third party candidate. Recently, we reached out to Pounds for an interview about his reasonings and ideals to which he agreed.

Pounds involvement with politics came after he first publicly spoke in 2012

What first inspired you to run for office at such a young age?

It’s just the current political environment that has outraged me to the point where I had to take action. I am likely the only green. I can bring in major voter turnout. My main reason, is the current incumbent stanton… “

“How do I go about this without sounding extremely rude?” He joked, softly smirking before continuing carefully.

“. . . is a villain. Why do I call him a villain? He’s supported one policy called Prop 123, just a quick summary of it and why I’m against it . . . is because it is basically a low blow to our educational establishment.”

What is the keynote issue you plan to focus on?

“I desire to remedy the negative effects of Prop 123, you know the conventional view among teachers is the damage has already been done. I feel, however, that we can remedy the effects of 123 by instating another tax, as before the recession. I will push for that tax by the power given to me as mayor, because 123 passed because of the major population support among Phoenix. Mayor Stanton was able to propagate that view, that it was a necessary thing to do. . . Another key point of my campaign is to make a controversial stance and it is a controversial stance because many see it as a conjecture: I want to establish Phoenix as a sanctuary city.”


Do you plan for a career in politics or is this a short term pursuit?

I absolutely do not plan on receiving the salary guaranteed to mayoral status, and I know it is required that I receive those funds for the career I would be taking on. But that money will be going to our schools and infrastructure. I don’t want to make a single cent off of the taxpayers when it comes down to a salary for mayoral status.”

Why did you decide to run under the Green Party Label?

“Well I was raised a green, my mother was a major Nader raider. She was extremely inspired by Ralph’s rhetoric; even though my mother is deaf she still took it from online sites and ASL interpreters they had at rallies. I might be wrong, but I think it was the green party that really started the trend of deaf accommodation. He gave birth to the super rally. . .I plan to do many rallies, not only around Phoenix, but also in Mesa and other areas.”

What do you think of the current Mayor and possible competition?

“The current incumbent is Gregory Stanton, he is a Democrat and he is very well liked and popular. He just has that Obama vibe to him; he can have this personality and then just do villainous things behind that personality. I am extremely pro-teacher and deaf education. I have tutored many deaf students in math and the english arts. I was a tutor at the Phoenix Public Library and have been tutoring since the 8th grade. Education is extremely important in sustaining a stable society.”

No matter the result, what message do you wish to promote to people?

I want to promote integrity, joy, and justice within the political theater that is Arizona. As you know, there was this major bill that just made national headlines, HB1070, which went up to the Supreme Court because many people were yelling out unconstitutional; which I would argue that it is and was because, you know, the U.S. was basically built upon immigration.

Given our economic difficulties, politicians have decided to give a different tone upon the nature of immigration. They are looking for a scapegoat to protect the waste, fraud and abuse of Wall Street and the multinational corps who receive things from Washington such as abysmal corporate welfare.

Immigrants, from what I have seen, from somebody that has been to border patrol many times, are not ill-intended as DT likes to malign them for being so. U.S. policy has basically, you know, started the rise in immigration toward the U.S; such as the NFATA that really destroyed the lower class economy in Mexico. Once it was signed by Bill Clinton, a Democrat, the lower class economy of Mexico was just, I think it is a strong word, but I would say destroyed.

They then lowered wages in Mexico and just mistreat people in Mexico and because of this, the drug cartel in Mexico’s became extremely stronger and the demand for the drug cartels raised.

At first, they offered many of the Mexican people a new deal in their lives, but the moment the demand for them raised they did exactly what the corps did to the extreme. You either join the cartels . . . or you die.

So to fight against the drug cartels I wish to instate a sanctuary city status for Phoenix and I would lower demand for the drug cartel here in the United States by making marijuana, cocaine and heroin public health issues instead of treating it as a crime because, again, this demand people have for the cartels is raised majorly by the criminalization of drugs.

Because people are gonna try to get drugs no matter what you say about them. Again, we can set up recreation sites, of course a libertarian view of mine and of course as a Green I have a view, well I suppose it is a mix of socialist and libertarian.

On the socialistic we can have a compassionate side where we have sites to help them, but on the Libertarian if all else fails we should not convict people for nonviolent behaviour. But if they do commit violence they should be incarcerated if the rehabilitation process did not help. We’d have to consider the circumstances of these offences.”

Do you have any closing statements or comments?

We have to restore truth and integrity into our political system. And we have to start exhibiting compassion toward our fellow human beings and also criticize the major well funded politicians who stray away these values of compassion and integrity.”

Disclaimer: The views expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of The Narrative Times