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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Taken Into Custody (SATIRE)


Moments ago Robert Mueller held a press conference announcing the indictment of former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Seconds later Secretary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey were taken into custody by members of the United States Secret Service. President Trump wanted to make sure that members loyal to Comey inside the FBI did not help him escape.

The current charges are pending but they are both expected to be charged with Fraud, Lying Under Oath, and Capital Murder. Secretary Clinton will also be charged with exposing classified information on a private email server. Director Comey would be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Congress has also announced that the entire Department of Justice unit is under investigation.

Muller announced that he found no collusion with the Trump Administration in the 2016 presidential election.

This is Part I of the series Satire and Clean Up of the United States. Nothing in this article is true.

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Trump Picks A Fmr. Democrat And Black Woman To Be On The Supreme Court, Liberals Go Crazy (SATIRE)


Late Tuesday evening President Donald Trump announced that he was nominating the fierce Candace Owens to replace Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy. Owens was originally a Democrat and converted to being a Trump supporter Republican. She is a self-described “independent thinker.”

This announcement comes after the White House continued to vet the right candidate. Now Owens beats the liberal punchline because she is a former Democrat, Black, and she is a woman.

Some liberals are going with it but the majority of the feminists are freaking out. Their true hypocrisy is showing. They have shown that it is not about having a woman in leadership but a woman that they can control.

Owens is the right kind of leader and brings numerous experiences to the table. She is the former Director of Communications for Turning Point USA. The organization is a non-profit promoting conservative values.


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