Michael Moates, Chairman

Michael Moates is Chairman of the Narrative Times News Foundation which oversees DC Chronicle. Before founding the foundation he contributed to TheBlaze, Independent Journal Review, and Washington Examiner.

Michael serves as the foundations Chief Washington Correspondent. He is currently working on his Juris Doctor.

“Anything is possible if you just set your mind to it. Do the little things each and everyday that know one else is willing to do and success will find you.”

Journalism –

Emily Lance (Story I broke)

Breitbart – Philadelphia Woman Posts July 4th Video Urinating on American Flag

The Sun – ‘F*** YOUR NATIONALISM’ Woman has £2,300 BOUNTY placed on her head after Facebook video of her urinating on a US flag on the Fourth of July sparks death threats

Daily Caller – Someone Put A Bounty On This Woman’s Head For Peeing On The American Flag

Circa- A woman who posted video of herself peeing on an American flag on July 4 is getting death threats

Huffington Post Canada – Emily Lance Attacked Online After Peeing On U.S. Flag In Video

Unilad – Woman Receives Death Threats After P*ssing On The American Flag

Right Wing News- Woman Posts Disgusting July 4th Video Of Herself Peeing On U.S. Flag- America Responds (WATCH)

American Journal Review – Liberal Idiot Chick Posts 4th of July Video Peeing on Old Glory

Truthfeed – Liberal Woman Does the UNTHINKABLE to the American Flag…Seriously UNREAL!

The Deplorables – KARMA! The Liberal Idiot Who Urinated On American Flag On July 4th Just Received BAD News

Independent Journal Review – Woman Who Posted Fourth of July Video of Herself Urinating on American Flag Says She’s Getting Death Threats

Lexington College DACA Student (Youtube Video) –

Fox News (local) – Lexington college students spark national DACA debate

CBS 46 – Lexington college students spark national DACA debate

Lexington Herald Leader – ‘Report this illegal.’ Student seeks help after classmate targets her for deportation.

Lexington Herald Leader – Student who targeted classmate for deportation no longer enrolled at Transylvania

RawStory – Kentucky student targeted by Trump-loving classmate for deportation — and university won’t help

LawNewz – Trump Supporter Tries To Get Immigrant Deported, Is ‘Forced’ Out Of School Instead

DailyKOS – Dreamer targeted by bigoted student and harassed, pleads and gets help online

TruthExaminer – College Trump Supporter In Kentucky Trying To Get His ‘Dreamer’ Classmate Deported

Wave3News – Lexington college students spark national DACA debate

Carbonated.TV – Trump-Supporting Student Started Campaign To Get Classmate Deported

Counter Current News- Student Targeted By Classmate For Harassment And Deportation, University Refuses To Help

The Root – University Finds Harassment Campaign Against DACA Student to Be ‘Free Speech’

Death and Taxes Mag – Shitty little Trump supporter starts online harassment campaign to get DACA classmate deported

Educational News – Outspoken DACA student wants U to expel classmate who encouraged followers to ‘go report this illegal’

White House Coverage –

Television –

CNN- Sanders, Scaramucci full White House briefing

White House Press Office – 7/21/2017: White House Press Briefing

ABC –White House press briefing 07/21/17 following Sean Spicer’s resignation

USA Today – Live Stream: Sean Spicer resigns, awaiting White House press briefing

National News –

Politico – Playbook Newsletter

Catraca Livre- Pelo menos 22 mortos em explosão em show de Ariana Grande

Heavy.com- Nisa Mickens & Kayla Cuevas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Biz Pack Review – Country music star Tim McGraw jumps on the ‘common sense’ gun control bandwagon

Turning Point News – State Senator: UNL Should Fire Professor Who ‘Berated’ TPUSA Student

Turtle Boy- Joe Kennedy Went To Fall River For 10 Minutes To Give A Rebuttal Speech And He Got Rabies

iheart Radio- Disgraced Former FBI Director Called Out!

Twitchy – ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ writer under fire for DESPICABLE joke about Barbara Bush

Twitchy – TALK to the hand! Dana Loesch SLAMS Chris Murphy HARD about the 1st and 2nd Amendments and WOW 

Twitchy – ‘LMAO’! Singer Kaya Jones shares pic showing progress of her 3D printed firearm (gun grabber TRIGGER WARNING)

Twitchy – Looks like CNN’s Jim Acosta is going to do the drama queen thing another year

Twitchy – Ryan Gosling’s ‘First Man’ trailer on Twitter inspires some serious backlash

Twitchy – Did he MEAN to write this?! Jim Acosta makes an A*S of himself in rush to push conspiracy around Haley’s resignation

Twitchy – Journalists drag Sen. Susan Collins for saying she believed Dr. Ford believed what she testified to

Twitchy – WHOA NELLY! Check out the nasty DM Jim Acosta sent someone for tweeting ‘Dear Diary’ to him (yes, it’s REAL)

Independent Journal Review – ‘Where Are Our Military Folks?’: Democratic Congressman Appears to Call for Military Coup Against Trump

DailyWire – Dem Congressman Seemingly Calls For Military Coup Against Trump

Media Matters for America – Whoopi Goldberg was the target of a fake story. It’s become a regular occurrence.

Western Journal –  Judge Who Told Nassar She Was ‘Signing His Death Warrant’ Hits Him with Even Worse News

Western Journal – Twitter Bans Roger Stone for Cursing CNN, Lets Fonda Talk About Raping Kids

Lifezette – Outraged Tweeters Blast Scarborough’s Claim Trump Worse Than 9/11

RawStory – ‘You’ve been used’: Twitter excoriates media for regurgitating White House spin on Rosenstein ‘resignation’

Young Conservatives – The 8 Craziest Kavanaugh Protest Moments


The Daily Dot – Conservatives are really upset that this CNN reporter used a swear word

Conservative Treehouse – North Korea Repatriates Remains of Missing Service Members…

Her – Everyone is talking about Prince Harry’s hand in this pic with Melania Trump

El Diario- Melania Trump viste como “chica Bond” por esta poderosa razón

Sputnik News- Melania Trump entame son premier voyage en solo en tant que First Lady

US News – Price’s Pricey Planes

Univision – Melania Trump, Trudeau y príncipe Harry abren los Juegos Invictus en Toronto

Local News –

Campus Reform – Greek life members required to attend controversial BLM lecture

Phoenix News Times- Go F*3CK Yourself’ Masturbation Workshop at ASU Canceled After Media Attention

Arizona State Press – After pressure from right-wing media, USG cancels masturbation-positive event

The Epoch Times –  Texas Mall Robbery Suspects ID’d as Mexican Nationals in US Illegally


Life News – Planned Parenthood Spends Almost 10X More Money Buying Political Influence Than the NRA

Hit Pieces-

The Daily Beast – They Worked for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but Their ‘Mission’ Was Tank Kelli Ward