Joe Biden: ‘I Picked Kamala For VP Because She Smelt The Best’

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Vice President Joe Biden who has been known for sniffing individuals throughout his career announced on Wednesday that he had chosen Kamala Harris to be his VP running mate because when he sniffed her she smelled the best.

He said that she smelled like a woman of color and the radiant smell smelt like an authoritarian who loved big government. When asked what the other individuals he interviewed smells like he said that Liz Warren smelt to Indian and the other smelt too American.

Kamala Harris was the perfect pick because she smelt like just the right individual. She also smelt young what is something that he sought after.

Biden announced that the two would sniff their way to the top. He is going to mentor her into being the perfect sniffer. Biden also announced that his next big plan is to begin licking people.

Harris immediately went into training to learn how to sniff like the best of them. This was done behind closed doors due to covid-19 but you can be assured that she will be at the top of her game when she starts licking and sniffing individuals.

The two said they are very excited to work together to raise taxes, take away your guns, and fight for transgender rights. They plan to take all the Patriotic parts of this country away and make it into liberal hell.



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