Singer Chris Brown Arrested in Paris on Rape Allegations

This should not come as a shock to those who know Chris Brown, but the singer is in hot water once again, this time in Paris, France.

French Police have arrested the singer on rape accusations officials say.

Chris Brown has been detained, along with two other unnamed individuals, on charges of “aggravated rape” and multiple narcotics offenses, and that they currently remain in police custody.

The French magazine Closer reported on Monday evening that an unnamed 24-year-old woman has accused Brown of raping her in his suite at Paris’ Mandarin Oriental hotel, during the night of Jan. 15-16. The woman told Paris police that she met Brown in a nightclub in central Paris earlier that evening, and that Brown invited her, along with other women, back to his suite. At some point in the evening, she alleged, she found herself in a room alone with Brown, and that it was then that he allegedly raped her. Brown’s accuser also said that a friend of the singer and his bodyguard also abused her.

In 2009 Brown plead guilty to felony assault for attacking his then-partner, the singer and entrepreneur Rihanna. It’s going to be hard for Brown to get a fair wrap considering his history with women.

Leftists on Twitter were of course quick to come to Brown’s defense.

You know, because already being convicted of beating your girlfriend, I mean why wouldn’t people believe Brown? Although some have had enough of Brown and his rhetoric.

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