Radical Democrats Encourage Mass Shooting At Covington High School

As many of you know by now, there was an incident that involved students from Covington Catholic High School and Native Americans this past weekend. Unfortunately, the mainstream media made up the lies based on Nathan Phillips statement.

It’s now been proven that the kids never surrounded the Native Americans, and in fact, video evidence shows the Native Americans walked right into the middle of the group of Covington students.

After further review of the events, the mainstream media has been in a downward spiral trying to delete tweets and articles shaming the students. Parents of the students are looking to file suit along with the school for slander of the teens.

Democrats have taken to Twitter to doxx these minor children. One Democrat said:

“A School shooting at Covington would be acceptable.”

Democrats continue to defend the sad behavior including Congressmen and women who want to silence anyone associated with the MAGA movement.