CNN Encourages People To Punch MAGA Catholic Students In The Face

Quickly jumping on the bandwagon CNN journalist Bakari Sellers said in a tweet that “he is a deplorable” who can “also be punched in the face.

It is important to note that this man is a former lawmaker for the State of South Carolina and he was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2014. But judging by his tweet he doesn’t think others should follow the law.

As many of you know by now, there was an incident that involved students from Covington Catholic High School and Native Americans this past weekend. Unfortunately, the mainstream media made up the lies based on Nathan Phillips statement.

This is not the first instance of violence coming from Democrats. Enter the picture one Saturday Night Live writer named Sarah Beattie. Sarah was named one of five Comedians Who Might Help You Stay Sane for the Next 4 Years by Vogue.

Sarah is offering a “blow job” to anyone who manages to “punch that MAGA kid in the face.”

Matt Couch contributed to this article.