You Won’t Believe This, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Defends BuzzFeed Story

Following the jaw-dropping announcement that special counsel Robert Mueller himself denounced a BuzzFeed story that was promoted as the smoking gun that would lead to impeachment, the usual suspects in the dishonest and disgraced media are in full damage control mode.

Ever since BuzzFeed published the story by Jason Leopold – who had a sordid history of producing fake news – that claimed that President Trump’s slimy former attorney Michael Cohen would testify that Trump instructed him to lie to Congress, the Resistance was salivating that this would be the silver bullet that would finally finish him off despite years of such predictions.

Not only did the media hysterically hype the BuzzFeed piece, but multiple members of the Democrat-controlled House including Adam Schiff promoted that story that would soon implode shortly after arrival.

I called out Congressman Adam Schiff earlier today on Twitter for this controversial tweet below. Especially since the Special Counsel’s office has disputed BuzzFeed’s claim and called it “Not Accurate.”

Then came the rare missive from Mueller’s office that collapsed the entire house of cards.

But that isn’t stopping the obsessive cable television talking heads like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who claimed that just because Mueller called B.S. on BuzzFeed, it didn’t mean that the story wasn’t true.

It’s amazing how the liberals will attack those that don’t agree with them. It just took one message from the Special Counsel disputing the accuracy of a BuzzFeed lie, and now the left is attacking the Special Counsel.

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Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter.