Laura Loomer Rushes Stage at Women’s March, Questions Anti-Semitic Rally

Laura Loomer is a strong, proud, patriotic Jewish woman. She is a fighter, and she doesn’t give up.

Today Laura took to the state and rushed it at the Women’s march in New York City. The march has been under heavy criticism this week after the orgaizers anti-semetic remarks.

“The Women’s March does not represent Jewish people!” Loomer shouted!

“The Women’s March hates Jews! Linda Sarsour is a Jew-hater! Tamika Mallory is a Jew hater!”, she shouted as she was escorted off the stage by security.

During an interview on PBS’ “Firing Line” this week, ‘Women’s March’ co-president Tamika Mallory refused to directly affirm the state of Israel’s right to exist. She slightly admitted that they “have the right” to exist, but of course it came with a “caveat”.

“Is it your view that Israel has the right to exist as a nation?” asked host Margaret Hoover.

“I have said many times that I feel everyone has a right to exist,” Mallory responded. “I feel everyone has a right to exist. <strong>I just don’t feel that anyone has a right to exist at the disposal of another group</strong>.” (Suggesting that Israel is “disposing” of Palestinians)

“In your view, does that include Israelis in Israel?” Hoover shot back.

“I believe that all people have the right to exist and that Palestinians are also suffering with a great crisis. And that there are other Jewish scholars who will sit here and say the same,”

Then Mallory, clearly perturbed by the line of questioning, said “I’m done talking about this. You can move on.”

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter.