Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Sends Warning to President Trump

Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman and Pro Sharia candidate Ilhan Omar has a message for President Trump.


She warned the President today to “tread lightly” when fighting back against the latest allegations leveled at him, that he had directed attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

The President posted a tweet to Fox News White House Correspondent Kevin Corke noting that Cohen’s credibility as a witness against Trump has been marred by his perjurty and fraud convictions.

Omar responded by warning the President that in light of these new charges against him he should “tread lightly” when defending himself.

Omar on Twitter said “Witness intimidation is a federal crime. Given the new allegations that you directed Cohen to lie to Congress and collude with Russia, you may want to tread lightly, Mr. President.”

Perhaps Omar should have directed her tweet at Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who seems to be doing the bullying, entrapping, and intimidation in Washington, D.C.

Omar then chimed in on Congressman Adam Schiff who still hasn’t addressed the money used to silence a 19 year old boy that he had sex with. He’s silent on that, but he sure loves spouting off and attacking President Trump.

The newly elected Congresswoman doubled down on her Anti Israel rhetoric yesterday in a story we reported first here. Omar made horrific comments about the Nation of Israel, and then double down with zero remorse with this statement.

“That’s really a regrettable way of expressing that. I don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish-Americans. My comments precisely are addressing what was happening during the Gaza War,” Omar said.

One things for sure, this was a terrible mistake by the people of Minnesota. The rest of America is watching, you can fix this mess in 2020.

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter.