Soldier Saves Man’s Life With A Hoodie And Pen

Shortly before Christmas 20 year old U.S Army Sgt. Trey Troney was on his way home to Mississippi when he noticed a wrecked truck on the side of the road. Troney then used his training from the military to save a life.

The military trains our soldiers to do a lot of things, but one of the most important things they teach us is how to save a life with combat lifesaving.

When Troney walked up to Texas resident Jeff Udger he had a bloody head wound which he wrapped with his New Orleans Saints hoodie, and Troney also realized Udger had a collapsed lung.

So Troney quickly went back to his jeep to see what kind of first aid supplies he had, while he did have a chest decompression needle in his jeep there was just one problem the needle in Troney’s Jeep wasn’t long enough to reach Udger’s collapsed lung once it got inside Udger’s chest cavity.

So Troney improvised, He took the plastic tube out of a ballpoint pen, emptied it out and attached it to his needle to preform a chest decompression.

“I took the (needle) and put it right in the hole and kind of wiggled the pen in with my hand in between the ribs and you just started to see the bubbles come out of the tip, and I was like, ‘OK, we’re good,’ Troney said.

While Combat lifesaving can be used on soldiers by soldiers, using this training on civilians can get you in trouble as you have to be trained in the civilian world to use such measures. But in this case we have a happy ending, Udger is on his way to a full recovery and Troney will not be getting into any trouble. Although Udger did jokingly object to having his head wrapped in a Saints hoodie as he’s a Cowboy fan.

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