Do The Democrats Really Care About Our Police?

During a routine traffic stop on Dec. 26, Officer Ronin Singh was gunned down by Gustavo Perez Arriaga, an illegal alien who had previously been arrested for driving under the influence.

Unfortunately for Singh he escaped deportation thanks to California’s sanctuary state laws.

Singh woke up that day just expecting to do his job, never did he think it would be the last time he ever saw his family. Arriaga was planning to escape back to Mexico with the help of seven fellow illegal aliens including his brothers, girlfriend, and coworker.

While this happened a few weeks ago we all heard about it right?

Guess what we have not heard? We haven’t heard one word about Cpl Singh’s death from the Democrats. Not even a simple we are sorry for your loss to his family. This was a man who came to this country legally and he did things the right way.

Now he’s dead and the Democrats have said nothing.

But you know what we have heard a lot of? We don’t need a wall, we’ve heard the caravan that’s being formed right now in Honduras is not a threat. Do the Democrats really care more about Illegal immigrants, than they do their own country? But that can’t be right? I mean they do care about Americans right?

The way things are going with the Democrats right now, you really have to stop and ask yourself. Do the Democrats really care?

Josh Flippo is one of the founders of America First Media & Investigations and a contributor for the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Josh on Twitter @Jflippo1327