Conservative Comedian Chad Prather Knocks Socialism Out With His Latest Video!

Country Music Star and comedian Chad Prather has always had a way with words if you will. But nothing tops his latest video blog that he just put out via Facebook.

Prather in his video asks a question that many of us with common sense have been asking for quite sometime. Why would we ever give a platform to anyone who thinks socialism is a good idea?

“Under socialism if you try to develop something such as an iPhone, you’ll be considered subversive and a traitor to the state, and then you’d be rewarded to a bullet to the back of the head” Prather stated.

Prather went on to say “Now I know the promise of free stuff sounds enticing but be careful kids.” I don’t want to ruin this epic rant by quoting everything, it’s that good. I’ll be sharing this with my followers later tonight on my TV and Radio show.

If you want to educate your children in the home, this is the one video that I would show them. We’re not doing our jobs as parents if we don’t start educating our youth on the idiocies that are being perpetrated upon then by the liberal left.

Every day we turn on the TV, or the radio, we are constantly reminded of the indoctrination of today’s youth. That’s the goal, socialism good, capitalism bad. The problem is once they gain full control, you my friends will NEVER get it back. Great rant Mr. Prather, I look forward to more in the near future.

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Investigations and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch