Alexandra Pelosi My Mom Nancy Will ‘Cut Your Head Off And You Won’t Even Know You’re Bleeding.’

In one of the most bizarre things you’ll read, watch, or listen to the daughter of Nancy Pelosi had some interesting words about her mother.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter caught a glimpse of the big screen on CNN’s “New Day” program and gave everyone quite a quote to harp on.

Alexandra Pelosi said her mother will “cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.” That’s quite a figure of speech to use in terms of today’s cutthroat political realm.

The question she was asked pertained to Nancy likely becoming the Speaker of the House for a second time.

Alexandra also stated about her mother, “No one ever won betting against Nancy Pelosi. She’s persevered.”

“You gotta give her credit. No matter what you think about her, you have to give her credit because, think about it, think about all of those presidents she’s endured. The Bush, the Bush, the Clinton — she’s been through it all,” she added.

Nancy is against President Trump’s idea of a border wall and believes it is “immoral, ineffective and expensive.”

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