Michael Avenatti Triggered Over Email Sent to Him Says ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

Attorney Michael Avenatti is triggered over an email that was sent to him. His response is typical of an attorney in despair.

Avenatti was sent an email by journalist Michael J Morrison recently. In the email Morrison asked if Avanatti would be issuing an apology after his claims that Don Trump Jr. would be indicted by his birthday. Today is Don Trump Jr.’s birthday and he hasn’t been indicted.

Morrison called out Avanatti about his tweet in October where he claimed Don Jr would be indicted by his birthday. This of course triggered the Creepy Porn Lawyer as Tucker Carlson has dubbed him.

Avenatti is most known for his representation of porn star Stormy Daniels, and his defamation suit he filed without her knowledge against President Donald Trump. The case was awarded to Trump, and Daniels along with Avenatti have been ordered to pay legal fees and damages to the President. In amounts in excess of $300,000.

Avenatti responded with couth and class as he told Morrison “Go Fuck Yourself” in the starting of his email response. He went on to add “What kind of loser sends an email like this?”

Keep in mind, the guy who’s never won a major court case, has felony assault charges against him, and was evicted from his office for not paying rent, is calling Morrison a loser here.

Avenatti wasn’t done in his email as he added “Get a life. And call Don Jr and ask him if he’s about to be indicted.”

Morrison is right, in October the CPL stated that Don Jr would be indicted by his birthday, and that time has now came and passed. Happy Birthday Don Jr!

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media & Investigations and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch