BOMBSHELL Report: Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL Send GOP Candidate Emails to Spam Folders

We already know about the censorship that conservatives are facing on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter. It’s literally known about and you can see it before your very eyes.

Look at Twitter for example where conservative voices and influencers like Laura Loomer, Liz Crokin, and Milo have been indefinitely suspended for speaking their minds.

Facebook is in a downward spiral, and it got even worse this past week when they “accidentally” if you believe that excuse, suspended the account of Franklin Graham. The son of legendary pastor to the Presidents Billy Graham.

Now a new report by IMGE found that top U.S. email client services were sending emails from Republican candidates to the spam folder.

Gmail, Yahoo, and were all sending emails from GOP candidates directly into the spam folder.

IMGE decided to test things out by creating some accounts and testing the waters. Here’s two Senate races, and what they found is sickening and criminal.

In Nevada, Democrat Jacky Rosen averaged over 90% placement in inboxes, compared to Dean Heller’s over 90% placement in spam.

In Florida, 100% of Republican Rick Scott’s emails went to spam in Yahoo, while 100% of Bill Nelson’s emails went to our Yahoo inbox.

IMGE made the following statement on their website.

*Our method for conducting this study was simple. First, we selected candidates from top party targets due to seat vulnerability. We leaned on Roll Call’s 10 Vulnerable House Members and Senators for candidate selection, and then added in party leadership and party committees. We added in three organizations from each side of the political aisle, as well as three non-partisan organizations, to round out our study. The full list can be found here. 

Then we created four email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook) and signed up for their email lists. Most lists required an email and zip code, so we signed up with our Virginia office zip code so that we would be put on the national lists for all candidates.

To ensure consistency, we opened every single email in the inbox and spam folders, but we did not click on anything within the emails. We checked each inbox on a daily basis like most users would so that it would be as organic as possible. This study ran from October 4-November 6.

We tracked the following in spreadsheets:

1. Date we received the email
2. Sending URL/domain
3. Sender name
4. Sender email
5. Inbox placement (Inbox or Spam/Junk)

We were unable to use the data from Outlook for this blog post, because Outlook has a feature that deleted emails in the Junk folder if they were there for more than 30 days. So by the time we were finishing entering in our data to the spreadsheet, too many emails in the Junk folder were unrecoverable.

The only campaign or organization that asked us to double opt-in was Kevin Cramer for Senate (R-ND).

You can read even more into these reports from our friends over at

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media & Investigations and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch