NFL Star Slams Lebron James Over ‘Slave’ Comments

Last week we brought you the story about Lebron James and his lashing out at the NFL owners claiming they had a ‘slave owner’ mentality.

This week, Los Angeles Chargers Star and Future NFL Hall of Famer Antonio Gates fired back at the NBA Star over his ‘slave’ comments.

“I don’t know all the owners — I know my owner. And, my relationship with my owner has been phenomenal. And, it’s sports. You know what I mean? You get paid to play,” Gates said regarding Lebron’s comments.

“We all know what we sign up for,” the all pro NFL tight end added.

Gates mocked James due to his claim of NFL owners using the players as “slaves.”

“A lot of us make a really good living, man, being able to support our families at the same time. So, it is what it is,” he replied.

In July of this year James claimed that under Trump We’re Back In The Days Of “Slavery And Jim Crow,” in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

It’s amazing that James has been able to attack the President of the United States, and attack NFL owners, without zero repercussions from the NBA on his verbiage.

Although I don’t think that Trump supporters are sitting around worrying about the political ideals of Lebron James, who has a net worth of $440+ Million. You know, he’s really hurting for money.

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media/Investigations and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle Group. Follow Matt on Twitter is @RealMattCouch