Democrats Have Become Everything That They Hate In 2018


Democrats have long run on the platform that they are full of empathy, love, and compassion. This is simply untrue. They only support you if you agree with their platform 100%. They are racists, fascists, and hateful human beings.

Through Antifa, Socialist DC, and other programs they have harassed many people across college campuses, and public figures living their lives.

They doxxed Fox News host Tucker Carlson this year, attacked Senator Ted Cruz at a restaurant with his family, and even sent biological weapons to members of the first family.


Outside of their support for programs that discriminate against white people, they advocate for the complete destruction of any white male. Affirmative action is a flawed program that takes away from those who are truly competitive.


They have used the #MeToo movement as a political pawn to attack people they disagree with such as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They exploit sex as a political tool to try and ruin the lives of great men and women who have long served this country. By doing what they have done they have discounted the men and women who truly have had a past of sexual assault.

The problem is the fake address of this problem stems from the fact that Bill Clinton raped and sexually assaulted multiple women in the White House. He took advantage of White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Furthermore, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey both who were arrested on charges of sexual assault this year are proud Democrats and have been for a long time.


They have ruined their failed attempt to fight for humans rights with trying to make individuals more important than the average joe. Gay people, transgenders, etc used to be about wanting freedom. This is something that while Republican might not have agreed with could have supported the freedom of it but now they try to act like they are special when they are not.