College Officials Say Tall Guys Asking Short Girls on Date is Sexual Misconduct

You should have a seat for this one. In today’s bizarre world of college and bending the rules to turn sense into nonsense, one college official has made it seem like being a tall male who asks a shorter female on a date should be considered sexual misconduct simply because the man has a larger physical appearance.

This has nothing to do with whether the man actually likes the woman, it’s just another liberal way to turn a non-victim into a victim and paint men as sexual predators – even when they are not.

This comes from the University of Missouri, who goes by the popular nickname Mizzou, and who reportedly suffered lower enrollment rates after a professor threatened a student journalist according to the Daily Wire.

It was an official at Mizzou who suggested during a deposition that a “male student who was physically larger than the female student he asked out may have violated the school’s Title IX policy because his physical size gave him “power over her.” They are talking about the size of the male, who might be taller than the woman, something the male cannot control. The woman can’t control her height either unless she wears a dazzling pair of heels, but that doesn’t matter to a liberal who simply might have an agenda to break the male spirit. Asking girls on a date is nerve wrecking enough sometimes, so to make things worse, men might have to worry about if they’re too tall to ask a girl out, and then fear being accused of sexual misconduct thanks to their parents passing on the height genes.

Some people in society have taken us from men being gentlemen working up the courage to ask a fine lady on a date, to now telling the man he is committing sexual misconduct if he asks a girl on a date and he’s too tall or big. It’s not really harassment, it’s absurdity.

Daily Wire reported that a Mizzou official was being questioned in regards to a male Ph.D. candidate (who happens to be black) and he asked out a white woman who was a fitness trainer. The Mizzou official stated that the male student was larger, so he had a “power over her” and he violated a school policy.

The Daily Wire previously reported on the case in July. The male student, whom The Daily Wire will refer to as John Doe, asked out the female fitness instructor, who will be identified as Jane Roe. She said she was busy but discussed with him possibly going out later that month. Two days later, she told him to “stop making romantic advances toward her,” according to John’s lawsuit against Mizzou. Despite not wanting to date him, Jane asked John to keep taking her to dance classes.

John stopped making advances and he later asked her to suggest YouTube videos to help his dance moves improve. Her answer was that she suggested private lessons, but she didn’t teach them. She avoided him for a week.

At some point John write her a letter apologizing for being awkward, expressing his feelings for her, and asking her if she wanted anything from him.

Cathy Scroggs, who was Mizzou’s Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs when the incident involving John and Jane occurred, was asked during a recent deposition if the accusation against John satisfied the school’s policy for sexual misconduct regarding one having “power or authority” over another. Scroggs responded, “I think he was perceived as having power over her.”

She was further questioned as to the “nature of [John’s] power over her.” The interviewer asked if it was just John’s “size” that contributed to that “power.”

Scroggs responded: “His physical size.”

The interviewer then said part of the conduct code “doesn’t require him to be a teacher.” And asked, “When it says person of authority, it doesn’t mean, like, a teacher or boss?”

Scroggs responded: “Well, I suppose it could; but in this case, no, I didn’t interpret it that way.”

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