WATCH! Store Clerk TRIGGERED in Georgia Over Trump Supporters Shirt

This is one of the most insane and bizarre Trump Derangement Syndrome video’s we’ve ever seen.

The video was taken by Ian Furgeson, inside a store called Xhale City located in Tucker, Georgia. He was simply wanting to buy vape juice for his wife, that’s all. He videoed the entire incident, take a look below.

Now we hear stories of TDS every single day here at the D.C. Chronicle, some worse than others. This might be the worst case we’ve ever seen.

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Can you imagine getting so upset over someone’s t-shirt that you literally lose your mind?

That’s what happens when your insane leftist that deals on feelings alone. They can’t comprehend not getting anything and everything their way.

This leftist is lucky that Ian used restraint, there are a lot of people who would have beaten some sense into this dullard. Especially since they were in their right after he assaulted Ian Ferguson.

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media Group & Investigations and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. You can follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch


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