Is President Trump on His Way to Visit American Troops in the Middle East?

News is starting to circulate today, and we haven’t heard a word out of the President’s administration.

The President hasn’t tweeted in almost 24 hours, and there have been Air Force One sightings in Europe per Breaking 911. The Press Corp from the White House is also silent. Could they be under an Embargo?

The aircraft normally carrying the president of the United States or a member of his immediate family, known as Air Force One, was spotted above the United Kingdom on Wednesday morning, and civilian air monitors have tracked it headed towards the Middle East.

An image circulating on social media shows the plane speeding across the sky over Yorkshire in Britain’s mid-central Chapeltown, after leaving Andrews Air Force Base at midnight.

Liberals took to Twitter to say “Shouldn’t he be in Washington working on reopening the government”, I love how President Trump lives rent free in the heads of liberals everywhere. They want it both ways, and my friends it doesn’t work that way. Furthermore Trump is ready to reopen the government, he just refuses to cater and pander to the democrats like past administrations have.

Speculation from political pundits have led some to say it could be a surprise trip to visit U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Analysts say that, because the aircraft does not have the “Air Force One” callsign on this flight, it could be headed to pick a member of U.S. President Donald Trump’s family up from the Middle East or has another dignitary on board.

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