New York Officials Host Toy Gun Buyback Program

New York officials this holiday season hosted a toy gun buyback program.

Yes, this is unfortunately a real thing. As they try to demonize guns, and teach them at a young age that guns are the enemy, not evil people.

Hempstead, New York kids participated in a toy gun buyback program this Christmas because local officials stated they believe that it’s important to even take “dangerous” toy guns out of the hands of young children.

The local officials encouraged children who received toy guns for Christmas to bring them to a local park and they could exchange them for other, less dangerous toys.

Hempstead Village Trustee LaMont Jackson toldĀ WABC-TVthat Hempstead officials don’t want children “playing with guns.”

“The purpose is to offer safe alternatives to toy guns,” Jackson explained. “We don’t want the kids playing with guns. Guns are dangerous.”

The Mayor Don Ryan agreed with Jackson’s statementsĀ “Saying no to guns is important,” Ryan stressed. “Even toy guns.”

Hempstead Village Police Department Lieutenant Derek Warner even went as far as to say that parents could be putting their kids lives at risk by gifting them toy guns for the holidays.

I have never seen such idiocy in my lifetime as I have writing this article. When we were kids we had toy guns, cap guns, played cops and robbers, and good guys vs bad guys. None of my friends ever ended up in prison. Do you know why? Because our parents taught us right from wrong. This is a morality and common sense problem, not a toy gun problem.

Shame on the Police Department for getting behind a program like this.

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media & Investigations and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch