Merry Christmas to Those 2,600 Military Members on Our Southern Border

There are  2,600 remaining service members at the southern border and they are preparing for the Christmas holiday away from their families, as they support U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in California, Arizona and Texas.

Another 550 active-duty service members made it back to their home stations this week from deployments at the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. Northern Command officials said Friday.

“As with all U.S. military units serving at home and around the world every day, some service members will be conducting their assigned missions in support of CBP over the Christmas holiday,” said Col. Cathy Wilkinson, public affairs director for U.S. Army North.

We as Americans take so much for granted in our lives. We’re able to come and go as we please, see who we want to see, and do what we want to do. All of that of course is accredited to the amazing men and women of our military.

While they guard our Nation at home and abroad, we enjoy the life that most around the world only dream of.

Numbers available Friday showed 700 service members are stationed in Texas, 700 in Arizona and 1,200 in California. A little more than 2,600 will not get to go home for Christmas this year. However there are hundreds of thousands abroad who won’t get to either this Holiday season.

Many service members deployed to California and Arizona will have what is referred to as “light duty days” on Dec. 24 and 25, Wilkinson said. “Unit commanders have organized morale-building events such as sports events and shared meals.”

Religious services will be available, and some troops may travel locally to spend time with friends and families, she added. Army Lt. Gen. Jeff Buchanan, U.S. Northern Command’s forward operational commander, will visit service members in California and Arizona on Christmas Day.

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