Hospital Carries on 50+ Year Old Tradition At Christmas!

The Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas has a tradition that goes back 50+ Years. It’s something in a society like today, that’s hard to imagine.

Every year, newborn babies are sent home in a Christmas stocking!

The stockings, paired with a matching hat are customized by the Blue Bird Auxilary, a Volunteer group that does a lot of important jobs for patients and staff of the hospital.

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The tradition dates back 50 years, and any child that’s born through the 29th of December will receive a charming stocking to be sent home in.

The stockings can be held as birthday keepsakes for generations to come, and many hospitals around the nation keep the same tradition.

On Bored Panda, commenter Kathy LaPan wrote, “I still have my stocking and ill be 38 on Christmas eve!” But sometimes the stockings aren’t one size fits all. “When my son was born, he was too big to fit in the stocking, so they put a Santa hat on him,” Dawn Bailey wrote.

Regardless of what your Christmas tradition may be, all of us at the D.C. Chronicle News Group and America First Investigations want to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

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