BuzzFeed News Sinks to New Low, Writes Hit Piece on Triple Amputee Veteran Funding Wall

The liberal lunatics over at BuzzFeed News have now hit a new low. This time taking aim at the triple amputee veteran, and Purple Heart recipient Brian Kolfage who started a Go Fund Me to help President Trump get the wall built.

Brianna Sacks and Claudia Kerner, both raging liberals wrote the hit piece over at BuzzFeed News.

They even went so far as to take shots at his home that was specially adapted for Kolfage, the triple amputee who started the Go Fund Me, for the border wall. His home was donated by the Sinise Foundation, an amazing foundation started by Actor Gary Sinise that helps veterans everywhere.

They took aim with this paragraph right here on his home, and other things Kolfage has done.

 “For years, Kolfage, who now lives in Miramar, Florida, in a specially adapted house donated by the Sinise foundation, has traveled the country sharing his story and advocating for veterans and children whose limbs were amputated as a result of wartime injuries. He also starting a coffee company that donates 10% of each sale to veterans.”

Can someone over at BuzzFeed News explain to me how going around and speaking to other veterans and children whose limbs have been amputated is a bad thing? Can you also explain to me how starting a coffee company and giving 10% of each sale to veterans is also a bad thing? I’ll wait.

BuzzFeed then goes on to say that behind the scenes Kolfage can be

“vitriolic, lashing out at ‘liberal trolls’ and posting racially slanted messages on Facebook and Twitter, often linking to inflammatory stories on several of his now-defunct websites like FreedomDaily, which last September raked in more than 28 million views.”

They go on to chastise a website that he ran, because of it’s conservative and right leaning views. We here at the D.C. Chronicle call those views common sense ladies.

What kind of monsters put out a hit piece on a triple amputee veteran, and Purple Heart recipient? BuzzFeed News, that’s who. This is a subject that most people with any sense of dignity wouldn’t touch with a twenty foot poll. I’m sure that the two ladies who wrote this Brianna Sacks and Claudia Kerner, have done so much for America like Kolfage has?

BuzzFeed claims to also have emails from Kolfage, and they use him to slander him in their article, yet they don’t provide proof of those emails. Now why would you talk about the emails in an article ladies if you weren’t prepared to provide them?

Kolfage has called BuzzFeed out on Twitter, and looks to intend to sue the group for writing and reporting more Fake News. We hope he does, we’re tired of liberal outfits attacking our heroes.

This is a subject that the leftists trolls should have never touched. Going after a triple amputee veteran, purple heart recipient, not something you should ever touch. But leave it to BuzzFeed News, they’ll touch anything, regardless of the truth.

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Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media Group, and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle. You can follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch