Tennessee Senator Corker Says No Vote, Going Home for Christmas

The Senator from Tennessee who claims to be a Republican, but is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) says that he will not be taking place in a vote for the spending bill.

Senator Bob Corker says he’s headed home to Chattanooga, Tennessee for Christmas, and will not vote.

That’s got to be a great to the citizens of Tennessee, and Americans everywhere, don’t you wish you could just say “I don’t want to work or finish the job asked of me, so I’ll go home and get paid by the American people.”

Thursday afternoon the house passed a revamped spending bill that included the $5 Billion for the wall. Congress overwhelmingly agreed to the wall, even after Democratic soon to be Speaker of the House again Nancy Pelosi said they would never pass it.

Apparently Bob Corker is upset that President Trump didn’t bring some extra scoops of ice cream for his going away party that Trump missed?

According to John Roberts of Fox News, President Trump blew off an Oval Office¬† farewell party with Corker. Since then Corker has been throwing temper tantrums, and said he’s going home to Chattanooga regardless if he’s needed for a vote on border security or not.

Because of Never Trumping Republicans, and Democrats the government will shut down. The $5 Billion the President seeks for the Wall and Border Security is only .06% of America’s Fiscal Budget. They’re literally crying over spilled milk. Especially sense they passed spending to give Mexico and Central America $10.6 Billion this week..

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Media Group, and a contributor for the D.C. Chronicle. You can follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch