First The Military Peace Cross, Whats next the founding fathers on Mt.Rushmore?

It is a crying shame that the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, MD is being threatened by a group of atheists who want their beliefs to be the standard for all American homes. They simply don’t believe or respect our freedom of speech or religion. As a Christian, I would love to have new brothers and sisters in the church. As an American, I believe in freedom of religion and speech. In this case, there is a problem as this group is progressively trying to take away our freedom of religion and speech.

By tearing down the Peace Cross they are removing the voice of the men and women that put it up. They are taking the voice of our history and all Christians alike because it does not meet their life choices. I chose to not start a fight with everyone over how schools have taken God out of everything, forcing Christians to not pray because it offends them, or not having them say the pledge of allegiance because of “one nation under God”. I say this, If one child does not say the pledge this will make our future citizens respect their country as a whole and the people who live here a whole lot less.

How we see this coming to fruition is in a couple of different ways. I know that I want to respect others religion. And I consider atheism as one of those religions. However, I wish to have my own faith respected in the same manner. Christians, like myself, who still want that cross to be there have not and will not force you to look at the cross. It is there to bring peace and comfort to those who do believe. That being said it was never put there for the ones who don’t believe nor was it put there to offend them. I ask this question, why take it down?

I would like to suggest that we as a people,  a nation, and a world need more hope. Don’t you think more hope is a good thing? I do, I also believe that this cross is a symbol of hope. I was talking to an atheist not too long ago. We happened to talk about church. She said she actually goes to church. I was in shock! I asked her, “why do you go to church?”, I was in disbelief. Her reply was shocking. She said, “the morals are good and it helps her with people.” Then she said, that “the church brings her hope.” So then I asked her, “so when you see a cross you see hope?”. Then she said, “yes, it does, it is a symbol for hope to me.” I was in utter disbelief, how could an atheist see the cross as hope? It is bewildering. So that brings me to the deduction that I would like to suggest those who want to tear it down choose to only see it as offensive. I would like to ask and challenge has anyone, instead of seeing it as a religious symbol used different glasses and thought that maybe it is just simply a sign of hope.

Before Jesus came into the picture the cross was a sign of terror and fear. It was a way of punishment. Jesus died on the cross not only to save us but to help us see that he loves us no matter what. So one “Son of Man” (a.k.a Jesus) changed how people see a sign of terror and fear to love and hope. So as Jesus died for us. Though not entirely the same, the Soldiers died for us, for our country. Those men who served and died for us sacrificed themselves for others. They live in history as heroes that gave us hope!

This cross symbolizes hope, love and sacrifice that those soldiers provided for us. To take this awesome Peace Cross down would be outrageous! The thought of this peace cross being taken from the public is sad. However, I pray it will not be taken down. That it will remain to forever memorialize those brave men and women who served in the great war. A simple reminder of HOPE.