David Hogg who is known for his support of the Democratic party after the Parkland shootings has now encouraged citizens of Canada To provide money to Democratic and liberal candidates and the 2018 election cycle.


After making these comments, Michael Moore who was also in attendance at the event quickly put Hogg his place by telling him that this is simply illegal and not allowed. David Hogg who is Supposed to be in high school clearly to don’t have the education to understand the basic legal system with regards to politics.

The reason this is important is that many Democrats have called out to Russia for its interference and the 2016 presidential election. As a Democrat, Hogg made himself look very unprofessional by trying to encourage what Democrats apparently want to stop.


This is truly an embarrassing moment for the young teen as he shows how uneducated he is with regards to fighting for his cause. What makes it more interesting is that his party is really fighting the election interference and now he comes out and asks for people to interfere in United States elections.

As we get closer to the elections the young team will continue to use his school shooting as a pillar and a platform to encourage the United States citizens to vote Democrat because he hates the NRA.

Hogg has also attacked Attorney General Ken Paxton. This is another one of his ironies because he said that the attorney general is a felon but he supported Hillary Clinton.

It will be interesting to see what the young child comes up with next.