Kelli Ward Jokes About John McCain’s ‘Cancer’ For Second Day In A Row

Kelli Ward is a Senate candidate from Arizona who has capitalized on the death of Senator John McCain. McCain served his country in the Senate for over 30 years and achieved the rank of Captian in the United States Navy.

Now unlike Kelli Ward’s husband, Michael Ward who sexually harrassed minors as a physician in the military McCain was boots on the ground fighting for this country.

Kelli Ward made the sad mistake on Facebook of calling John McCain’s announcement that he would end treatment a political stunt to hurt her campaign.

McCain died within two hours of her comments. Various news agencies picked up the story.

She kicked herself further in the foot after joking about John McCain’s cancer early Monday morning. In response to the tweet backlash she had been receiving she said:

An archived version of this tweet can be found here:

John McCain died from cancer. Let that sink in.